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July 31, 2007


Ok I am adding you to my blog list.. I love it... and these wedding pics rock girl.. Love the portrait of the bride with the veil.. gorgeous

Girlfriend, you ROCK!! Wish you lived closer so we could shoot together. Love your style!
Rachel Absher

Some of the best wedding photography I have ever seen. Anyone who gets you too shoot their big day has no idea how lucky they are. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

oh man....i love the bridal party picture!

WOW!! I love everything I've seen... Darn you for living in CANADA!! AH! Next time you come down south, PLEASE let me know! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do... Your couples are SO lucky to have you!

These are so amazing!! I'm soo excited to have you shoot my wedding!!!

Awesome pictures Andrea!

Love both the colour, B&W and textured ones as well. Your photography is growing by leaps and bounds and I'm sure you've made this gorgeous couple absolutely happy with their wedding pictures :)

Thanks for sharing your work with us. Cheers!

i adore this wedding! i love the bride in curlers. so fun. and i LOVE the grainy kiss on the cheek. if it was me i would blow that up huge and stick it on the mantle. it's awesome. you are doing an amazing job, and i look forward to your shoots and weddings every day!

Wow! You are amazing!! I'm just loving it all! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

so this gal called andrea comes into my measley lil blog and makes wonderful comments so i must go check her out. and it's you!!

man o man...your work is out of control fabulous and so so awe inspiring. what a fantastic shoot this is. they must be on cloud nine. and yes, that grainy kiss is my fave!!

found you through flickr explore ... these are exquisite.

these are exquisite.

You NEED to come down to Cali and hang out with me and Bija. This wedding looks WAY too fun, and I am so "borrowing" that group shot! You're amazing girl!

yeah you rock! your gonna be the next BIG Alberta girl!

these photos are truly wonderful, so original and fresh and wellexecuted. Fantastic work!!

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