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August 07, 2010


wow, hot couple and yummy light!

agree with brandi. what more could a girl want? fab!

Love them all! And especially that light!

Gorgeous photos!!!


Beautiful couple!

Guys these are amazing pictures! travis and ash you guys look beautiful! I love the back drop and the fact that chester is there!


Are you wearing a camo skirt in your photos..... really.... a camo skirt.... you are better than that Rimbey! Ps. Congrats on getting hitched you two, can't wait to drink beer on a Sunday

My baby girl is all growed up! Way to make a mom cry!!! Love you both! Beautiful work Andrea!

Ashley, these are great pictures. You both look so cute. Oh yeah and Chester is cute also.

You look so great together! So natural. Beautiful!!

Gorgeous pictures Ashley! You two look amazing!

I really love them all! Chester is too cute!

Beautiful pictures!

i love these pictures... you guys look amazing together , o ya n chester.

I love the pics with Chester!!

what a cute couple! I love the pictures and that you included Chester!!!

So wonderful! Love it you guys!

Great pictures

Never had seen you with glasses Ashley

Love the pics. Looking forward to the wedding.

Wow! Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

Great pictures. See you at the wedding.

Love the pictures. We look forward to seeing you walk down the aisle. Cathy and Terry

GORGEOUS pictures of my beautiful cousin and her fiance!!!!!!!!!

What wonderful pics Ashley... Congratulations on your engagement!

Amazing work! I love the expressions captured, the natural feeling of this photoshoot. Great montage too.

You both look great!

Beautiful pictures! But with those two as subjects it wouldn't be hard!

These are great photos! You guys are a beautiful couple. I love that you took some pictures with your puppy!

Incredible pics guys!


You two look amazing together! Wish I could make your wedding...It breaks my heart that I cannot be there. But I will be sure to visit and give you another celebration.

Travis - you could have at least shaved! LOL...

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