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February 22, 2011


I heart the wreath and pom poms! And Lila of course <3

Andrea I just adore this ..... really I do!

Awwww......very adorable.

This is soo fun! I love the effort and details you put into making holidays special for your family. I love your decorating style :)

Lila is gorgeous! I love your style.. very inspirational :)

these colors/decorations are fantastic and that last pictures is AMAZING!!!

Ohhh, your decor is always so beautiful... love it! And your little girl... oh! she is gorgeous!!

wow, i love them.
and her.
and you.

is there a sign up sheet or waiting list available for when you have a garage sale?

How did you make those hanging hearts? I'm in love. And you'll have to give us a tour of your place sometime! From what I've seen I am in LOVE!

Everything you do is lovely. Thanks for always inspiring me. Lila is gorgeous!

The last picture of your little girl is precious!

Thanks for sharing!

beautiful craftiness! Lila has the most beautiful, expressive eyes and full little lips! what a cutie.

I'm convinced that you have the most adorable child on the planet. She's beautiful!

And your decorating is top notch, as always :)

gorgeous photos, valentine's day decor and little girl!!! beautiful!

I love these!

OMG seriously love love this and you and your work AMAZING

I'm going to start sharing your Lila pics with top modelling agencies. Just kidding. But Blake and I did dedicate 20 minutes of our reception dinner on Saturday talking about how adorable she is.

LOVING it all!!! Such awesome vday decor!!

Your amazing photography has inspired my wife to pick up a camera and take it with her on her and my daughter's adventures. Love your work!

oh my goodness!!! that last shot is AMAZING!!!

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