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September 04, 2007


Thaaaanks ;oP

I love, love, love coming onto your blog, Andrea. I love that you have only been doing this for such a short time too! I love your photos....in fact, I kinda want to be you at the moment!! I sent your blog link to my sister last night and she could see straight away that I have been using you as an influence lately...hope that doesn't sound stalkerish.

anyway, enough gibberish. Don't know any seniors, sorry, besides Australia is a little too far, so it really would have to be a killer deal!!

Hey Andrea!
Just stumbled upon your blog/website today and wanted to say hello! Lauren and I are fellow edmonton wedding photographers. I love your work, we should meet up some time!


Thanks woman! :P Done...

Great facts .... thanks for sharing. Love this jumping shot

Andrea, you're awesome! Thanks so much for the tag, and when I get enough time to think of 8 random things about me and scout out some fellow photogs I'll post it right up. Keep up the great work!


ahhh so good to know a little bit more about you!! i just got your tag...this bloggin' thing is too new to me. for some reason i didn't even get an email telling me it was there...hmmm? thanks for the tag--it will push me to get to it!!

you sound just like me regarding lower case letters... :)

Haha I just taged you on my blog too :)

#7...YES! me too! all of it!
no more exclamation points!

Hehe, cute facts, cute pic!! LOVE Dad in this one, too funny!!

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