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November 02, 2007


It was my pleasure to work with you, my friend. I had a fantabulous time .... and we will do it again ... oh yes ... we will do it again!

~Ashley ooxx ;P

NICE work!! These came out so well. Love the ones on the beach!

Excellent! She's beautiful!

These are great. I really love the silhouette one!

My goodness these are fantastic.. I love the one shot in B&W with the bare trees and shes laying on a branch its just breathtaking.. all of them are really

Wow, those are all fantastic! beautiful momma to be!

Hello there, I love all your work and this time I actually got the courage of posting a comment and saying so! Good job on these awesome shots! :)

love the beach shots. danielle, go honey! to look that good in a two peice pregnant...well done.

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