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January 01, 2008


Gorgeous wedding shots Andrea... they should be stoked with these...

Wow.. Andrea.. these are elegant and gorgeous and fresh.. just wow

Wow. Stunning and magazine worthy. i LOVE the dancing one.

WOW !!! just WOW

whoa! that's some cleavage! I like the dress, it's great, and so are the photos as ALWAYS!

Wow stunning Andrea, really great set.

Excellent! So great, I'm speechless...

him pressing up against her back with her against a wall!!!...pure genius!! these turned out great.

STUNNING! the one with him standing behind her is breath taking!


Wow.....these are awesome and that one were they are kissing and he is agains the wall and she is against him and the light is streaming through......WOW!!!!!!!!!

Wow, everytime I visit your blog, I end up speechless... Your work is so amazing! The way you photograph is so elegant, delicate and full of life! So beautiful!

WOW your husband is SO hot! those lips... what a score. is he a model? oh ya, you look ok too.

KIDDIN' about you... you look so gorgeous and your pictures are absolutely fantastic. CONGRATS BABY! and to sheldon as well.

all my love,

ok ive been waiting for you to post my favorite shot on flickr but it never came : ) the shot where she's pressed up against the wall and hes behind her.....aaahhh love it!!

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. Love them all.

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