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March 25, 2008


Oooh very nice. I see that the snow is almost melted over there. We still have like 3 meters of it over here in Ottawa...*Sigh, feels like summer's never coming! Awesome work as usual, love to see your new posts.
p.s. I am def hiring you to come down here and shoot my wedding :)

These are gorgeous! She's gorgeous! The first one is my fave.

These are awesome..

I would love to know more about your processing. What do you use to get those soft gold tones?

wow - she's one lucky girlie to be working with you!! i'm jealous ;)

p.s. where did she get that beautiful necklace??!!

awesome, a! love the first and last ones! thanks!!

and, yes, i am very lucky to work with a!!! ;)

btw, got the necklace from a local woman who makes them. each colored bead represents a member of my family.....

you have such a knack for capturing magic.

Beautiful! The laughter shots are incredible.

Just wanted to say that I love your style. I really enjoy looking at your pictures...all of them...but these ones are especially great. I am an old friend of Jana's from Nova Scotia and it's been years since i've seen her but the photos that you captured of her laughing are just as I remember her. I think you really captured her essence. Great work!

Jana is as beautiful as I remember her.
Great photos!!

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