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August 31, 2008


I was just checking bloglines before bed and what do I see but this INCREDIBLE taste of images. I am completely wooed. You make me want to get married again! Love the colors. Wish I was there for the food ;) Fabulous as always!

I just wanted to say that your work is truly some of the best work I've ever seen. There are so many good photographers, but your work is still artwork and your eye is much stronger then most. You consistantly think out of the box and I love it!!

These are amazing!!!! I love every one you posted

These are awesome.. I shot a wedding this past weekend and they had fireworks as well.. so cool.

Wow, what words can I find to describe what I have just looked at? Fabulous, amazing, beautiful, awe inspiring… After writing them down I just realized that they are the same words that I would use to describe you. I am so incredibly proud of you and your work. Love, Mom

WOW!! What amazing pictures!! Well done Andrea!!

i love it! these are gorgeous pictures! i love the fire bird shot.

love your eye!

wow, wow, wow andrea! this is an amazing wedding, and you captured it so fantastically! i think my favourite is the one of them driving...awesome.

WOW these are brilliant & amazing!!

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