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November 16, 2008


what a GORGEOUS couple ... such a lovely wedding.

Your group pics are the best ever!

I love your group pics too! Love her red scarf too, looks amazing! Gorgeous photos

Wow!!! these are just amazing!! what a beautiful couple and what an amazing photographer you are!! I'm in love with these!!

Love em, Love em, Love em!! Can't wait to see the rest! Yay! Thanks A!

Amazing, as a friend of Kaylin's it almost felt like i was part of the planning :), and despite not knowing the couple, all the best.....you 2 looked amazing, as did the wedding party.....great job

Wow, Andrea. thank you!

just when i thought i couldn't love you anymore...

Your images are always fabulous dear!!!! You are amazing and a great inspiration!

seeing how your works are so great i thought id drop by your blog and let your clients know what i think of your work. firstly its really innovative, given how wedding photography can run dry real quick.
secondly you get the best candid shots!
and in this thread i love the erm for lack of better words 'behind the scene' shots you know like the one where the bride is getting her make-up done (they're applying rouge). its personal and fresh. well done!

luv your work!! these are stunning pictures!

Wowzers... these images are down right rad. Very cool.

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