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December 04, 2008


Wow! Congrats Andrea... she's just precious. :)

I'm sure she's going to see *lots* of time in front of the camera eventually... looking forward to seeing the pics!

She's beautiful. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy every second of her!

Hey Andrea! Since you shot my wedding back in Oct 2007, I've been stopping by your blog to see all of your awesome photos. I just wanted to say hi and congratulations! What a darling baby! She certainly looks like her mommy! We're excitedly expecting our own little girlie in February. :) (Too bad we're all the way in Maryland or I'd be trying to get a maternity session! :) )

Take care and enjoy your beautiful new blessing. :)
Warm regards,

oh, congrats to both of you. she is just so cute.

Congrats, she's beautiful :)

Congratulations Andrea and Mark. She is just perfect. I am so happy for you guys.

Congrats! Babies are so wonderful to photograph. I have loved taking hundreds and hundreds of photos of my babies during their first couple of months. Congrats on your lovely little girl. Enjoy her.

Congratulations! Can't wait to see more photos.

Congrats Andrea & Mark! She is stunning! I can't wait to see more.

oh she's gorgeous! Congrats to you both!

uuuuuum, she is GORGEOUS! I can't believe she is only 2 days old in this picture! I follow your blog because I think you are an amazing photographer and I love the effects you do to your images! you are very talented! I am curious how you pronounce your baby's name. I have a little girl named Olea and I call her Lela (Lee-la) is it the same way? anyway, congrats!!

Glad I checked in here...hadnt heard the good news, CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful baby!

oh wow congratulations! Shes beautiful, I cant wait to see more pics of her!

Congratulations!! She's so precious!

Nice little creation guys! Congrats and have fun in the first few months! ALL the very best to you both!

That is wonderful!! Congratulations. She is so very beautiful. Just like her Mom :>) Working up to the last minute? Or did you have to have someone else shoot for you?
Enjoy :>)

congratulations. such a cute baby and love the her name too.

Congratulations.. she is gorgeous..

Congrats Andrea she is beautiful!

YAY! Your family is even MORE beautiful now...if that is possible. Looking forward to more images of your precious lil' one. Have great holidays.

wow what a beautiful baby! hope to see more of little lila

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