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May 10, 2009


i am totally the last person on earth to not have an iphone. lol! yes, yes i am jealous - hahaha! glad you had fun babe - but also glad you're back!

welcome back and happy first mother's day

yay .. these pictures are great .. looks like you had a wonderful time !!

What awesome photos of your vacay!! It looks like you had an awesome time, I can't wait to hear all about it!

love the birdie bathing suit...so rad ;) these images make me want to hop on a plane!!!

love love love the pictures!!!! i could look thru your pics all day (and sometimes i totally do.... :))

Awesome!! <3 your work... you rock!

by the looks of these photos it looks like you had an amazing amazing time.. So much fun.. so many wonderful memories too I am sure.. thanks for sharing a bit of your holiday's with us..


You are so talented Andrea! these photos are absolutely stunning, i dont think words can explain!!! i love all your photos, and so nice to see your happy family =] take care, Luci.

Lila must be the best dressed little chick out there!
great photo's of your vacation - sounds like you had a fab time!

wow. what a vacay. the pictures tell a beautiful story. your little baby is precious. i love that last shot of her at the airport. really great. and that bathingsuit - i want it!! happy belated mother's day to you.

Oh wow!! Your photos are fabulous!!!!

i cant get over how adorable Lila is!! i love the way you dress her! Her smile and how she just looks like a lil butterball sitting! :)
Looks like such an amazing trip. good for you for taking loads of pics!

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