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May 13, 2009


Andrea, you rock! Seriously, these are awesome. Awesome for you that you had the opportunity to shoot in France. Jealous over here! :)

GORGEOUS!! Loooove #4 so much with the yellow circles!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

all such beautiful shots!! love the sun flare and the field!!

When I saw the pic of the Stella Artois beer, I was like "is she in France?"! LOL
I must admit I didn't read the text before looking at the photos which are absolutely fabulous!!!! I'm French and I'd love to be photographed by you one day if you ever come back to France! :)

P.S.: I'm in love with your photos and your style! :)

The photos look amazing andrea!
P.S i hope mother nature heard you!

couple of things.. first off.. 1. I didn't know they played Hockey in France.. 2. These shots Andrea... are just amazing.. just absolutely amazing.. 3. You tell Mother Nature.. thats no way to run the month of May.. yeesh...

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