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July 07, 2009


Beautiful. FUN. Creative.
Love 'em :)

Don't you wish all people knew how to work the camera the way she does??? THESE ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!!!! As always, I'm one of your biggest fans ;) Cannot wait to do it again...thanks :)

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I would LOVE to know your processing methods on these... GORGEOUS tones!!!

wow. the ones in the car. amazing. she does work it :)

These are fan-freaking-tastic! Awesome job as usual. :)

love the car shots! so adorable :)

these are sooooo beautiful! love them! i especially loved seeing the different perspectives from the other photographers too! :) fantastic work!

these are so my favorite. i love how you make people so so so beautiful...as they actually are. you'd be so surprised how rare that is. you're a gem. so is this girl. so is that little treasure inside.

Ohhh love these images of Ashley! This shoot was amazing :)

i love them so much .. my fantastic, talented friend. i don't have words to say thank you the way i want to, so i will just say thank you. love you.

ps. is that freckle on my lip that noticeable. lol! it stands out in the summer more i think. :)

These are gorgeous!!!!

Whoa! It seems that lately you're outdoing yourself each and every time! This location seems to suit Ashley so well, and I have to agree that she really can work it for the camera; fab model and GORGEOUS! Really Andrea, I have so many blogs I follow and you are one of the few that really truly does have her own unique style. Love it!

And PS - I can't wait to meet up next summer...it'll be crazy-fun!

Your work is always stunning, but there is something so particularly beautiful about this set of images. I adore your work, it just keeps getting better! The ambiance and mood perfectly highlight Asheley's natural beauty.

ummmmmm can we say... HOT!? seriously GORGEOUS...

ok this session is DEADLY! I love the look and feel of every one!! Great stuff!

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