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July 01, 2009


She is a rockstar mom for sure!

Gorgeous gorgeous mama! WOW! And she has the coolest maternity clothes ever!

Fabulous work as always!

These are so lovely :) Can't wait to see the rest!!!

wow! what great images! I love the locations.
You're one talented lady. :)

LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Ashley you are beautiful and Andrea you are awsome!

She is a beautiful mom to be! Great images! I love the location.

These are beautiful

could these be any more fantastic? these are going to proudly hang in that wee ones room i am sure!

I dig your style. Well composed, classy processing, artfully done.

These are sooo gorgeous.
LOVE them!

omg how gorgeous is she? as are you images... just gorgeous... and great to see the finished product of the wall gallery! (i may have missed an earlier posting of that!)


i love you like crazy. thank you friend.

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