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September 01, 2009


SUCH a cute a fun session!

Beautiful work, Andrea!

thanks guys!! it's one of my fave sessions of the year :)

Wow, what an awesome session! I LOVE the last one - it rocks!

the last one is awesome!!!

Beyond cute! These candid moments are priceless.

Absolutely Priceless....
Excellent photos, and really well caught too..

this is so good! i love the one with the whole family walking forward :)

these are gorgeous! you can really see their personalities!

Fantastic photos guys! Can't believe how big the kids are getting. Too cute!

Hot mama and family!

Wow!Fantastic!What a way to capture beautiful memories of beautiful kids!! you guys win the prize for cutest kids hands down!!XXX

Wowzer! What a gorgeous family! I adore the one of them trekking across the field! It's like the Beatles gone Albertan!

goodness, the cuteness! what a rad family :)

ummmmmmmm, wow freakin' wow wow!!! you are so rocking these fam sessions girl!!! Yay you!!

We LOVE the photos Andrea!! You were so great to work with and the kids loved you! We will try to be patient while we wait for the rest.

Good thing those Matthey kids take after their mom in the looks department! Little honeys! Great family pix guys ....looks like lots of fun was had by all and the pictures are awesome. This is something I would love to look into doing for my crew. Are hockey sticks allowed?

Fantastic pictures!! Kate, Paul, and Shane look SOOO adorable and Sandra and Peter you both look fabulous! Great job Andrea :)

Peter looks like he was having fun

Great photos of the kids...oh and the parents too. Lots of creative shots and not just the boring usual. I need to keep this name for when we decide to do our family.

so super duper crazy fantastic. i can see why this would be a fave. i want these to be my kids. you rocked it!

The last photo is rad!

Love these!!!

of course you all are absolutely beautiful...love love love them...

Paul looks like a model in the 2nd pic ... with that distant look in his eyes.

FYI I built that playhouse in the 1st pic.

Your getting a few wrinkles there Peter, but Sandra looks great. Lovely to see the kids growing.

What a beautiful family and the children are so adorable, Gramma Helen gets so

excited when she talks about them and now I can see why. Great photos!

could they be any cuter? I think not.

Cute kids! I love the rock star photo, it is my favorite

The Dad is HOT!!!

How absolutely adorable! What a beautiful family- These pictures look like they are straight out of a magazine!! Too cute!!

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