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September 28, 2009


AMAZING!!! all your sessions just blow me away lately!

I love these. I always love your maternity (and everything else). I may have to fly you down to Texas when the hubby and I finally get pregnant! :) Such a gorgeous couple.

Flipping gorgeous indeed! Wonderful :)

I love your style! Amazing! And im totally with Brandi on flying you down to Texas!I would l-o-v-e you to photograph my family!

These are awesome, great job. The mood is perfect.
I love the black and white one in the trees, and the one of just her belly with their hands. Her shirt is perfect for that shot with the blue background!

Beautiful photography - as always!

seriously - wicked couple session!! you captured some great shots here... like always :)

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i love them all :) love you guys <3 love your sister

Beautiful pictures!!! wish you two the best =)

Steph these are Gorgeous! well done Andrea, you have such a good eye!

a, they look awesome! you are wicked! the fact that you had a totally gorg couple made them even better! ;) xo!

GORGEOUS PICS! great job!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! Great session. They are a gorgeous couple. I can't wait to see the baby session!

I love these pic's, Steph you look amazing, can't wait to meet the baby. <3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Great photography!! I always knew Jason had that ever so loving soft side. Aww so cute. You guys are so cute. EVERYBODY'S CUTE! These pictures make me want to sign up for pregnancy! Get me on that bandwagon! Though it still seems a little too soon for me... Congrats!! To everything: bringing a new life into the world together, being a great couple, being beautiful and just for being awesome! Love you guys - can't wait to harass the newborn whenever that happens ;)

Gorgeaous pics!!! Steph you look so beautiful, as always!!! Cant wait to meet the lil Princess!!!! :)

My Beautiful Cousins!!!! Amazing pics!I have to say my favorite is the seventh pic, with your hands on the babybelly!!! Puts a lil tear in my eye.... my cousin is all grown up, we went from playing with babydolls to the real thing. Your going to be an amazing mommy:)

FANTASTIC Shots!!!!!What an amazing way to caputure the most precious things in life...anxiously waiting.....!!!

Gorgeous,Amazing Awesome shots!! Steph buddy, im soo happy for you guys cant wait to see and meet the little one!! wicked photography!!!

Wow! Amazing pics. I love them all. Precious moments theme going on :) Congrats again to the both of you. It was nice catching up with u Steph at the shower.

absolutely gorgeous!! love them all.

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