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September 30, 2009


Great pictures, some very unique ideas. I am sure you will have
awesome wedding day memories as well.

Super CUTE!! Love it!

I like the sample pictures alot! There is certainly some uniqueness to the poses and locations. I look forward to seeing the full package when it is complete.

wow. these photos are spectacular. you two look absolutely gorgeous (more so than usual). make sure to show me everything when its done!!!

Wonderful! You both look so in love!

Beautiful pictures...now looking forward to the wedding photos!

Wow soo good. Totally amazing! Can't wait to see the rest

i love the last three with the hoodie! perfect!

Great photos!! Fantastic models with a fantastic photographer (hi Andrea!) Those Shankowskys (and future Shankowskys) sure photograph well ; )

Wow guys- these turned out AMAZING! So excited for the wedding pictures!

Great work as always Andrea! You sure made an impression on my family, we seem to keep coming back to you. Steph and Curtis, you guys look great. Can't wait for the wedding.

beautiful. i love your work :)

Great Pictures , I ordered one for us, to remember our Granddaughter's engagement. I am sure, the Wedding pictures will be great as well. Steph. and Curtis are both very photogenic.

Great pictures, you two look awesome! Looking forward to the wedding!

those are super cute !! luv them XDD

Amazing work, yet again, Andrea!!
I can't wait to see more with them :D

they look very happy

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