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September 14, 2009


Aw he is a total cutie, and Lila and him would make an even more adorable couple! I love the last BnW picture of his toes!

as always wonderful images my friend ;) He is definitely a charmer. Lucky Lila!!!

You can take pictures of my grandson any day..... they are absolutely fantastic..... what a great eye you have !!!! That first black and white of Finn is my favorite....just a couple of tears..

Ben's Mom

AMAZING pictures!!! Everyone looks so gorgeous. What special memories :)

awww super cutie! love the toesies in the last picture :)

as much as I love your faces, I really really love the photo of feet!!

These pictures are beautiful! If things don't work out with Lila I'd happily offer Abby as a potential future wife (if Finn doesn't mind slightly older women!)

We loved the beautiful photographs of darling Finn and family. Makes one want to reach out and hug that little boy right now.

Grandma and Grandpa J.

Absolutely stunning...it looks like Aspen has some competition!

Beautiful photos of beautiful people!! Finn is so cute I just want to squeeze him!!

Love the one with the family reading the Sandra Boynton book-mom looks so beautiful and gentle, dad of course handsome and Finn is so in the moment... I the intensity of little ones when they are being read to.

(oh yes..) I also love the little handie touching dad's shirt...

thanks so much everyone -- there are an incredibly special family :)

and ciara, yay! so glad someone noticed... that little touch is one of my favourite parts too!

Another great session Andrea. Too funny that you also know Lisa. It's a small world.

WOW Andrea - i absolutely love your work. too bad you are in canada and i am far way in san francisco. you have a fantastic eye and i love the urban aesthetic, but organic feel of these photos! of course, i am biased and think that your subjects are flawless (lisa, ben and finn are stunning)... but i looked through your other photo blogs and am just in love with your photos! beautiful!!!

The photos are soooo fantastic!!! Love em'!!

Wow! Amazing photos of a beautiful family!!

Love this photos! Everyone looks so natural and beautiful, and so urban hip too. Very impressive.

Such fantastic pics. I love Finn's expression in the kissing pic, priceless!

Lisa... thanks for sending this link - beautiful photos. I especially love the one of you smooching Finn... gorgeous. A

Beautiful photos of Finn, Lisa and Ben. They are keepsakes. I particularly love the urban setting and candidness of the shots. My favourite are those against the bright green wall - stunning!

Lisa-Your photos turned out so beautiful...but how could they not with such beautiful people in them! Amazingly talented photographer

WOW! I love these images! You guys are stunning and Andrea has such a gift! Looks like we need to come to Edmonton for camping and family pics!

WOW - I know other people said that but that was my first impression!!! Wonderful and creative photography. Such lovely family photos of such a lovely family :) Thanks!!!


What great photos! I only wish we lived there so we could have such great pictures too. Your beautiful family was captured perfectly, as only a true professional can do.

These images ROCK!!

The picture of Finn in the blue striped hoodie is absolutely adorable.
Auntie Dana

Absolutely gorgeous pictures Lisa!

Hi Andrea, I love the photos, of course they are pictures of three of my favorite people. I really like the close-ups. I think you're using good framing in terms of figures in the environment. I like your contrast in different sizes, and especially your choice of angles and details of the figures too.

Lisa, I doubt anyone other than Andrea could have caught the essence of your family in such an amazing way. The photos brim with beauty, emotion and love all captured in unique environments. Hadn't scrolled further than the first photo when my jaw dropped. Andrea, you have amazing talent. Congratulations for following your obvious passion and making it work for you.

very nice pictures. I like the way they are all different. Lots of talent there to capture the special moments.

ahh wicked cool shots! once again ;)

What a beautiful shoot Andrea. Hoping Lisa and I can do our first 'cousins' session with you next summer!

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