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October 12, 2009


Awesome Awesome Awesome...cant wait to see more!!!!

These photos are amazing. You picked a gorgeous location. Can't wait till the wedding and I can't wait to see some more.

as if the location isn't already perfect enough.... love the ones with the boats... they are all fantastic!!!

Guy, these photos are amazing! Kudos to the photographer for catching my bro without the squinty grimace. :) Beautiful, beautiful...

bardzo piekne Martusia!

Nice photos!

wow these pictures are amazing both of you look amazing

AH! So cute! Marta could you be ANY more photogenic?! :)

not only do i love the composition but the processing and color are just so fabulous!

Your pictures turned out amazing!

these are wonderful! love all the canoes! and her sweater is to die for! I want one!

Marta!!! You look BEAUTIFUL! absolutly gorgeous.
These pics are amazing...I would love to see more :)

Very nice! :)

Great Images!! I just love looking at your work!

Great photo's! Wow you guys look so good!

Those pictures are absolutely amazing.You both look great! Love them!! Great location too!

awww these are absolutely beautiful!!! you guys are stunning!!


you are so super cute!!

Great photos! :o)

Wow! These pictures are amazing. They really capture the moment.

Super gorgeous!

aw cute photos, I like the high constrast one with the sunlight the best.
Good stuff, looks good :)

Very adorable!

wonderful photos.

wow! Great photos!!

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