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October 08, 2009


aww she is so beautiful! congrats on your 200th! :)

I am thankful for having such a wonderful, loving family and for all I have been blessed with in life.

Hey there Andrea,

This year I have so much to be thankful for but a huge one is health as my dad is on the upward battle of a struggle with cancer that has been lasting for the last year and a half. I truly have great parents and family including great husband and inlaws. I am also so thankful to be expecting a baby in March 2010!!!

You have a beautiful little girl and are such a great photographer!

I'm so thankful for this beautiful world that we live in :)

I am most thankful for all of my family and friends. unfortunately a member of the family had to leave us this summer. I am also thankful for life, books and pumpkin spice latte's. I love your work Andrea, you really know how to rock each session you do.

first of all your baby girl is so sweet and adorable, and you are an amazing photographer, one of my favorites!
I am so greatfull for so many many things but I have to say that I am especially thankfull for my two beauties, Bella and Olea, and for the new and coming bump below! Being a mother is the most incredible experience, joy, joy, joy!

Hey Andrea!

I plan on commissioning you to snap up Adam, Jack and I in the new year (once I lose this damned baby weight)!

I'm so thankful for my healthy newborn son, and patient and loving husband.

I am thankful for having someone to tuck me in every night, and to share my life-long dreams with!

This box looks pretty small for me to list ALL of the things that I am thankful for! So here are a few...my wonderfully supportive husband, my rock-star cool son, my fabulous daughter who WILL be the death of me LOL!, and inspirational photographers like you who I learn a little from every day! :)

I am thankful for Jesus, my wonderful husband and the blessing of a house full of kids, extended family, friends-old and new, my home and community! I could go on and on!

My comment did not seem to make it on here last time! Beautiful work as always Andrea.

I am thankful for my amazing husband... and the wonderful life we have together.

I am thankful this year for bringing into the world my beautiful, healthy, precious baby girl, and of course my amazing husband and wonderful family. I couldn't ask for more!

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, my little girl and new baby and the great family that I have and that I have become a part of. Who could ask for any more than that? :-)

I am thankful for great friends, a wonderful family and a squishy baby in my belly that I will get to meet this winter. I am also thankful I live close enough to visit the mountains every weekend if I want to!

hey andrea, just wanted to say what beautiful pictures these are.
dont enter me into the contest i just wanted to say i love the pics and im thankful for my husband and son and my group of mamas! what would i do without you.

i am thankful that sir alex is still @ the helm and hoping he leads us to a 3rd consectuvie champions league final!!!

i am most thankful for my beautiful daughter. i am also thankful for my family and friends.

I very thankful for my beautiful miracle baby named Mya and for having a wonderful family!

I'm so thankful that Me and my boyfriend mike have been together for almost 10 year this coming December and were finally buying a house I couldn't be more Thankful for having such a great guy in my life !! Love your page Andrea,your work is absolutely amazing,Great job!!

I am thankful that I'm always able to come home.

Beautiful pictures Andrea - your daughter is amazing. I'm thankful to have finally reached a place in my life where I know what I love and whom I love....my fiance, my amazing friends and my family. It's been a tough year but all is now falling into place.

I'm thankful for so many things, like most everyone else. But mostly, and most recently, I am thankful for being able to say my goodbyes to someone I loved very much before he passed away from cancer.
Hold tight to those you love. And, well, just be thankful every single day, eh? :)

oh, lately i have been thankful for silence ;) busy household, busy boys. but then i am always thankful to hear squeals and mommy i need yous again! thank YOU.

I'm thankful I married my best friend on the weekend and for all those who attended the ceremony

I'm also thankful for the janitor who pulled my wedding ring from the garbage four days after we were married... oops!

At the beginning of this year i officially started my career in healthcare. And as much as i love my job, there is no doubt in my mind that the one thing i am most grateful for this year is the health and happiness of my friends and family.

thank you all so much for the entries, and for sharing your thanks with me :) results will be posted in the next couple of days!

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