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November 30, 2009


She could not possibly be any more beautiful! I just love all of these pictures! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

happy birthday lovely lila!

these are so beautiful...totally making me want a daughter right now ;)

celebrating in style :) very pretty. happy birthday little one :)

happy birthday lila! and the cake turned out fab andrea!)

just stunning!

oh these are so gorgeous! SHE is gorgeous! Happy Birthday Lila! can't believe it's been a year!

Okay, she's beautiful, the pictures are beautiful, and is THAT YOUR HOUSE? Holy crap. It's absolutely gorg. Everything was just eye candy from your house to the cake to the cupcakes, good grief.

They are stunning photos, who cares about awards when you can produce such great photos!

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!! Andrea, I think these shots are all perfect as they are her as she was on her big day. Especially adore the ones with her Dr Seuss. So very sweet:)

I've never seen a more beautiful baby girl, so sweet and precious:)

OK so I was about to say she's "gorgeous" because that really IS the appropriate word, but then noticed everyone already used that word!! So I'm gonna tell you she's STUNNING. Seriously. Happy Birthday Lila!!

She is so Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Lila!

happy birthday litte lila! she is cute!!!

Those beautiful eyes she has!
Great shots.
(and her pajamas are too cool)

I have loved watching her grow! She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

she's pretty sweet. you captured some nice shots :)

Happy Birthday Lila! Andrea, she is so beautiful...thank you for sharing her over this past year!

She is so sweet. What perfect pictures. I love them!

oh my. ONE? sigh...does it go insanely fast or what. love these. so perfectly beautiful.

She is beautiful. Congratulations to you and your family, and happy birthday to Miss Lila. Love your work - truly an insipiration!

Happy Birthday Lila! You are so easy to fall in love with...and you make me wish this baby is a girl :) Happy Birthday a million times over. (and beautiful pics andrea! (obviously))

you and your little girl are so incredibly stylish and adorable!

Oh she is adorable, couldn't get any cuter. Great photos.

lila is soo beautiful. hello im from mexico , and im a fan ;)
i mean i frecuently visited your page and see your pics
aroud 1and half year

she is so beautiful :) you are one lucky mama!

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