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January 17, 2010


cute couple and stunning photos!

All beautiful!! But that last shot!! AMAZING!!! :>)

beautiful as always :)

Andrea... we LOVE them! You are amazing! Jon and Andrew especially love the "hardcore" photo in the stairwell, whereas I can't even begin to pick my fave. After today I'm even more excited to get them all! Thank you so much for being such a talented photographer, and so easy to work with!

Great photographs. I can't wait to see more.

Wow. Your photos are amazing - so creative. I love the one with all the candles and the one of Jon's face when he sees Allison. Thank you for your easy-going attitude, professionalism and cheerfulness that day.

Maureen (mom)

I love the photos! Al & Jon you guys look so great!! Vogue...look out!

Andrea - These are amazing pictures. I have ever seen wedding pictures that are as creative and slightly edgy as these. You've got a great eye and wield a mean camera!

Next time you're in Florida, we'd love a family shoot!

Martin (Jon's Big Bro')

I love all the photos but especially the black & white of the whole wedding party, very urban and hip. I cannot wait to see more.

Absolutely gorgeous Al & Jon!

Beautiful! All of them. What a fantastic day!

These are amazing guys!

Very cool pictures guys! I love them!

Beautiful photos Al & Jon!! Love it!

Al and Jon you guys look beautiful, I wish I wasn't so sick and I could have seen it in person. Andres, beautiful as always. You amaze me!

Al and Jon the pictures are wonderful they bring a smile to my face when I remember that perfect day.

I can't believe how amazing the pictures are. But it was perfect wedding, so i guess it's only fitting.

Absolutely incredible. Couldn't have asked for a better day—or a better photographer. Thanks Andrea!

Awesome Pictures!

Amazing, what great photos of an amazing couple.

Congratulations!! All the best to you.

Surreal. You two look great!

Spectacular: couple and photos!

Al and Jon these are AMAZING! They completely capture what an incredible day it was!

Absolutely lovely. I love the lighting throughout, very romantic. You are so incredibly gifted.

Stunning photos!!


Love your work! It's so inspiring and gorgeous! Your clients must be thrilled!!!!!!

WOW! What great memories captured in a distinctive manner! Can't wait to see more!!

Love the pictures! Especially the one where the dance is captured from the above - very romantic!

WOW! What great memories of this special day! Can't wait to see even more!!


I love that b/w group photo. That is art!!

I am in love with the candle light through out...a photographers dream I'm sure...brilliant work...what great venues too...jealousy is oozing from my core...haha...

SOoooooooooo beautiful guys!

what fantastic photos.

WOW...I cannot say anything else but I am so sorry I could not be there...

Beautiful pictures...you both look truly smitten with each other..all the best

THE LOOK OF LOVE so beautifully captured, rare indeed!
Mom xox (Katherine)

Wow...Such an amazing photography..

Allison and Jonathan, you guys look awesome together.
Such a wonderful pair.
and the last one is an amazing pic...

Wish you a very happy married life... :)

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