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January 11, 2010


ADORABLE!!! Love the one of them snuggling on the bed with the dog! Soo sweet!

awwwww! They look awesome! Congrats again guys!

These pictures are beautiful as always! He's a natural in front of the camera just like his parents ;)

PS I love his little hats :)

so wonderful - I adore all of the patterns and textures in these. What a sweet little baby boy too!

Love them all! So beautiful! Like mommy and daddy! Love you all!! xoxox

a, you are awesomely amazing! we LOVE the teasers and you! <3 thx for always capturing perfect images like only you can do!

i love your work the pictures look amazing

awh, they are all amazing! What a gorgeous family!
I love his little hat!

Such beautiful pics of our handsome little nephew! Love to you all!

Awwww they look awesome!! Great Job!

beautiful pictures you guys! he is just perfect! congrats again!

Sooo cute!

your work is so beautiful, and I especially love your newborn shoots. Great job :)

Awwww, I love the lil monkey hat! Liam is sooo cute!! congrats again and beautiful pictures onces again!!

Gorgeous pics of my beautiful grandson & parents of course...Love them all...

Wow... lovely pictures... My favorite is the top right :) Mind you, the monkey is a close second!

Beautiful pictures & of course beautiful family!!!! Great job Andrea:) what a sweet little boy!!

once again Amazing job! you do great work andrea!!

SUPER DUPER AWESOME ANDREA!!! like always, you do such an amazing job!!!!!

great pictures!

Great pictures, I especially love the black and white of both parents holding Liam. Such a great picture of the family!

What a beautiful family! So happy for you Suse, congratulations!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for our beautiful family. Thank-you for all your hard work!

i love the pictures of my little liam they look really good and when he wears green he looks better

He is so cute! Congrats

The pictures are great and the new family looks so happy and picefull on them. Good luck.

What a perfect little angel, such a beautiful family. Excellent work Andrea.

OMG, the pictures are so beautiful, I should get the kids to get some pictures done with your photographer.

simply beautiful. what is not to love about these?

Very beautiful! I love the pic of the three of you in black and white.

Suse I love the pics, too many to choose a favorite, They are all beautiful!

Absolutely GORGEOUS photos!!!

i can't wait to have a family. you are the Capturer of capturers.

He is so cute! Congrats you two....beautiful family!

i love the way you see the world

I think that's one of the cutest babes I've ever seen. Beautiful work Andrea!!

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