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January 14, 2010


cutest doggy ever!!!

Thanks so much for doing this shoot for us. I just love how you can capture life! :) xo

Beautiful photos!

Those are awesome pics!!!

Tito must feel sooo special! He's the focal point of the family!!

These pictures are fabulous!!! I especially love the one where he's between Sofia and Paulo's legs! He is sooooo incredibly cute!!!

He's adorable! Very nice pics.

Tito is sooo cute. Love the way you capture everything!!

Awesome pics Sofia. Atticus likes too.

What a great idea!! Man's best friend!! Such a cute dog - so full of life!

Cute little critter, kind of grows on you.

I just squished my monitor.

Awesome pictures! cute dog!

tito is too cute!

what a cute and handsome little puppy.

Beautiful Photos! Makes me want to snuggle him :)

This is so nice!

All of your special moments with Tito were captured for you - beautiful.

Great photos!.. Tito is quite the model.

I'd love to have a Tito!... he's so cute!

Awesome pics! What a great little family and Tito is too cute for words!

So completely adorable...he looks like a little prince!!!

Great photos! What a sweet, spoiled little puppy!

I love the contrast of the tiny dog in front of the big window. And then he looks so regal on that chair. That's a very sophisticated dog!

These photos are great!

I know the dog. I feel like I know a celebrity.

Chef recommends!

Now that's a pack leader! Great pics!

TITO ALEJANDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cutest lil guy ever!! Truly Somethin' Special!!!!

Luv Tia Sandrinha

That's one cute, little pack leader! Great pics!

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