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May 13, 2010



WOW!!! Amazing photos guys! You both look awesome... I especially love the forrest ones, what a cool idea!

Wow those pictures are amazing Amanda . ! Crazy amazing!

absolutely great pictures I love them

very nice pictures,You look so relaxed and natural. I really like them.

What an awesome photos! i just love the back drops !!

Beautiful pictures! You guys look great, I can't even pick a favorite! And also love the hair Amanda, it's so long since I've seen you last.

the pics are amazing and you guys look great. Very creative...hopefully our day actually comes eventually so i can get cool pics like this. congrats by the way from me and ry.

^ haha hint hint... Anyways.. Nice to see u managed to shave lee haha jk.. Great photos amanda and lee and photographer

Awesome pictures... love them! You both look great!

Absolutely great I really liked them.

Oh my gosh! Love the pictures!!! So in love :)

great photos!!!

Gorgeous couple!! Very cool pictures!

i like the posse where lee has his thums in his pockets. its hot!! I wish he would'a died his beard too match his hare colur thought :(.

the pictures look really good! But i wish they were bigger and I'd also like to see a larger pic of the photographer lol. kidding!! seriously relax i was joking. looking good guys. good to see lee put away his mma shirts for this shoot.

Wow the pictures look amazing!! You guys look like you had a lot of fun doing them!! HOTT!!!

Amanda, these pics are so gorgeous! I love your hair =) and you and Lee look so perfect, I'm so happy for you guys!!!

You guys look fantastic!!! I really can't believe that you guys are getting married!!! Can't wait till next year!

That was fast!! They are awsome! can't wait to be a part of them next shoot!

These pictures are so cute! you guys both look really good. Amanda, love the hair and the outfit! i like the one where lee's sitting and you're laying on the wall. and the one that's through the fence. Congratulations!

These are really nice...nice beard lee! lol

Awesome Pics guys! Congrats once again!

these pictures are amazing, they are so original and you make a perfect looking couple! Congrats once again!

Awe!!! Everything looks so good! Especially Amanada....!

Thanks for all the comments! It was soo much fun and andrea is an awesome photographer and super fun to work with..can't wait to see the rest of the photos and for the wedding next summer!!

Beautiful pictures, Amanda! :)

amanda u look beautiful.... such wicked pics....wish u guys all the best and more!!!!

These pictures are amazing and unique! I love them all!

Is there a dislike button somewhere???? JUST KIDDING! Awesome Pictures!!! The photographer must be really good if she could make Lee look this good! Amanda you look awesome!!

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you both.

I love these pictures! Definately found the perfect photographer to capture you two exactly!! Cant wait to get some of these pics and take more with you guys on the big day! Love you guys and love all these pictures!!!

What a great looking couple! Amanda I LOVE your shoes!! These pictures are great! Sorry I took so long to comment, I just checked my old hotmail account and got your msg..

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