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May 24, 2010


These are so lovely, A. Thanks for the reminder that I should probably capture my baby girl at this wonderful age, too!

yes that was fast!! she is so beautiful!

oh! she is perfectly adorable!!

gorgeous photos, as usual:)

So beautiful Andrea - both Lila and the photographs!

oh my gosh, Andrea she is so CUTE. She has the most beautiful eyes! GREAT photos :)

I am so lucky! I have a beautiful 18 month old granddaughter and a beautiful and very talented daughter. Happy half birthday dear Lila. lots of love from Gramma T.

hello lila!! happy half bday! you are such a sweet lil' thing. it was great seeing you and your awesomely talented mommy this past weekend!! <3 :)

Your work is amazing. What kind of equipment do you use?!

I absolutely LOVE these photos. She is one gorgeous little girl.

Stunning photos! And what a gorgeous little girl you have!

WOW she is sooo cute and such a model!

love them ♥

seriously, she is the SWEETEST! so adorable...so perfect!

WOW Andrea~ you really are the BEST. seriously. Lila of course is a dream model but you are one talented mama!!!

Love her Andrea she is so cute!

what a little cutie! (love the one with the little head-band!!!)

LOVE these shots, Andrea!

Hi, I am new to your site, and I have to say I love your photography style, it is so fresh and modern. You also have the most beautiful little daughter. I couldn't help but also notice the sectional in this picture. We are looking for one and finding it hard to get something we love. We are looking for something charoacl grey about that size. If you don't mind me asking I would be so grateful to know where you found it? Thanks so much!

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