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July 13, 2010


she is the sweetest! and the last two make me LOL :D

Those are great....and she is so cute! Makes me want to get my little monkey out and get some shots of her. Love the donkey!

Yep. Every single one is ridiculously good, just as I suspected! Those pants really are the bomb!!!

she is adorable.
i just love these.

I love the pics of Finno's girlfriend and her donkey! She is adorable and super smart and hilarious!

Is it wrong to idolize a toddler? When's Lila gonna set up a Fan Page???

Ohmigawd! Love them all! She is just too precious!

this gets me SO excited about my sweet baby girl that will be born in November. i love love love your work :)

My favorite posts are the ones you do of your beautiful little Lila! It makes me want to take more of my 2-yr-old. You do such amazing work! I love this little session. :)

I agree with Kat....when is Lila going to give Violet some modeling lessons?


haha, blowing sun flare... this girl's got talent. And style, that denim vest rocks! Great photos, Andrea!

I cannot choose the best. The best chooses me. Do you like it?

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