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July 22, 2010


EEEKKKK!!!! I love these pics!!! Those 2 monkeys are priceless!!

Ohmigoodness so cute and I adore lila's friends hair! Such dolls!

I am having a hard time choosing ONE fave! I'm going to have to go with Suze and Marco's wedding photo of them surrounded by the leaves of the tree. So beautiful...you can tell they're head over heels in love! And the colours are amazing!

I also "like" your facebook page! Forgot to put that in my previous comment.

Choose a favorite? Ha - that's pretty much impossible! You my friend, are amazing <3

In your families gallery I totally love the sixth image. A rad looking couple and one adorable baby. I live in Saskatchewan but please enter me in the contest I would love to win -my husband and I are expecting our first (a girl!) in September and we all know a photographers family has no photographs -at least not with the photographer in them.

Those are my favorite beach images of all time! Adorable, vibrant, perfect!

Wow, the site looks great. You have so many wonderful images !! You really are great at what you do.

Hands down I love love love the one of Meghan and Derek.
I think it is the third last row of pictures, second from the top.
The one where she is laughing and her eyes are closed !

It is a PERFECT engagement photo. I just love everything about it.

I also . like . your facebook page !

My Fav. image would have to be under the kids & Toddler section with the little girl with the snowfall. Theres something so magical, innocent and calming about it. Love it! <3

LOVE the updated site.

My fave image (if I can only choose one) is the 5th engagement photo in Erinn and Peter's gallery. where she is lying with her head on his lap. Love all the geometry in the building structures, and in her stockings!

I also "like" your facebook page.

I love the image in the baby and toddler section where the little girl is looking up at all the gas meters. Her expression is priceless.

You have been busy my friend. Love the new stuff. There's a baby on a grey blanket 1/2 through the newborns section that I love :) I pretty much love all the wedding stuff- just amazing but the "my dad rocks" pic is an all time fav.

I love the engagement session one where he is wearing a yellow sweater. They are up against a window and she is genuinely laughing. Nothing better than catching real emotion. :)

I LOVE the last photo of Lila in the Babies + Toddler gallery. It captures the pureness of a newborn baby. She looks like she's waiting for you to answer a question.

I am also a facebook fan. But I wish there was a 'REALLY REALLY LIKE' button instead of just plain 'ol like.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've wanted a session with you for over 2 years...

Seriously...choose ONE!?? I'm leaning towards the little monkey in newborns 2 with the milky baby smile and knitted cap, but I love so many of them. You manage to catch or create a sense of shelter in your family/newborn shots that I love. That somehow this family unit is united and protecting each other. Especially in the newborn shots where you need to shelter each other as you settle in to being a family. I think that's the magic of those pictures, regardless of who's in them.
I also 'liked' your FB page. It's fun to keep an eye on your work.

Have loved your work for a long time since you met Marco and Suse!

Was looking through the Family portraits as we have a session booked for Sept from a different contest, and I love the pic with the dad on one side of the blue arrow and the mum on the other and the baby in the middle... like this is how our family began :)

I also just became a Facebook fan. So excited for our session in September to see what you create for our little family!

lovin the new site! fave shot - the b&w with the 2 twin girls & mom holding their hair back - WOW!! Something so striking about it! PS - I'm a 'liker' of your facebook page too :)

I am completely blown away from all of your incredible images, such nice colors and wonderful expressions. your talent is remarkable. one of my favorites comes from the babies and toddlers section. the girl playing with the pearl necklaces - beautiful soft light and sweet details - love it. I also like your fb-page!

(great pictures at pigeon lake, just perfect for family trip, I've been there two weekends ago)

Hard to pick a favorite image! One of my favorite is the 19th image in the "couple i" album with the couple holding hands, guy's hand in his jean pocket.
I "liked" your fb page too!

a fave? are you nuts. i love so much of your work...you know that. i adore your close crops with newborns...yum. you are just too darn good! :) the portfolio looks fab...beautiful girl.

Love the freshly updated website, Andrea! I would have to say that my favourite photo is the black and white of the twin girls on their mom's knees! Strikingly beautiful! I've 'liked' pinksugar's new fb page as well!

Great website Andrea! Simply I love them all, the one that stood out a little more than the others was the picture in the 'newborn' section of the babies hair. Its original and made me smile. Things that some people maybe wouldn't consider or think about when capturing an image, you do and you take viewers to a place of fantasy. Your work is incredible...

Hey Andrea, have always "liked" your work but now I'm a Facebook fan too ;) I would ADORE a session with you - so few images of my own family with me in them . . . I checked out the portfolio update and my faves are the family images - there is one family there with a curly headed little boy, swinging little girl, and lots of sunflare. LOVE. Great contest.

Um if I haven't said it enough times before I more than "like" your work! You have mad talent lady. And yes, I'm sooo entering the contest-- my favorite is pretty much any and all of the shots with those gorgeous twin girls with crazy blue eyes in the forest. Love the mood of those shots so much. And I 'like' your FB page ;) Look at you getting a FB page and updating your site in the middle of wedding season!!

I am such a procrastinator too! I tell myself that creative people usually are. They work in spurts of crazy inspired energy!

Love the new updated website. Of course I love all the images, but especially the family laying on the bed with the beautiful little girl in the middle with the gorgeous baby blues!

I love the new layout and pics on your website! I may be biased, but I love the picture of the t-rex! You captured him perfectly! haha...can't wait to see you soon. Oh, ps. I also 'liked' you on FB.

It's great to see new pics on your website! I 'liked' the FB page. Other than the T-rex photo I love the one with the little girl in the snow...it just captures your imagination.

andrea my dear, you have lost your marbles if you think that a person can only pick one favorite! i have a list long here and i keep re picking... (i think i have looked at them all numerous times)... jeez, why are you so good.... i love the pic in couples ii where he is sitting on the ground and she is wearing red high heels and they are about to kiss... it shows a lot of love yet there is fun to it... the black and white before that one, her eyes are so intense... that one stood out to me, michelle and erics picture where it is just their bodies, our wedding pic of just the guys in their suits (some heads are cut off)... i have loved that one since day one... lots of laughter in that picture, true to our whole wedding day... i could keep on going but i won't for the sake of everyone else!!! (and you know i "like" your facebook page too :D)

Is it cheating if I say I love the one Dana did of you with your daughter?!? ;) Is it also cheating that I linked to your FB for a free entry?!?! hahaha

I love the beach ones you just posted. So gorgeous, summery and fun. To pick just one. Ouch. That's tough. I love all of them, but I have to say that the newborn ones made my little biological clock TICK just a teensy wheensy bit (and that's saying alot!) (I already have my hands ridiculously full with three sweet lovelies (4, 2, and 10mos). I love the one of a baby that reflects the light beautifully off his little newborn belly, and he (or she?) has a gorgeous little outie belly button that is just perfect. But. They are all adorable.

Ooooooooh, the new sites looks fantabulous! One of my fave (there are SO MANY!) photos is in the family section, with the twin girls' heads in their mom's lap, with her hands on their heads. It's so serene, and those girls are beautiful - their eyes are so piercing!

PS: I liked your Facebook page too!

Hi Andrea!
Loved looking through the updated photos! Seeing Fin brought back memories of those first few days!
I really love ALL your work so I can't pick just one favourite photo, but I do love pics with siblings. So cute!

And I already "like" your FB page! =)

Love the images! My fave image is from the families portfolio. The 3rd one down of the mom and little girl w/ the flare coming in from behind them. I absolutely adore the flare but more importantly, I love the connection and emotion you captured between the two of them. I wish I had more like this of me and my little gal.

I just went to facebook and liked the pink sugar photography page. :-)

It's so hard to choose, all your images are just wonderful and very much inspiring.

I really, really love the picture in your wedding site, under "Weddings II" (it's the 14th picture from the top). The one of the couple dancing, under the chandlier in the blueish looking room. I love it because it captures soo many things - their emotion, how amazing they look, the incredible atmosphere in the room and the guests enjoying their moment. It's not easy to capture soo many things in one picture and that's why I love it soo much.

I'm already a fan of your Facebook page (huge fan!).

P.S. For some reason I wasn't able to view your picture on the portrait site? Not sure why. Maybe something to do with bandwidth and too many people looking at the site?

Wow! Love the updates! As I'm scrolling through the different categories I'm realizing that I know a few people in each...very cool!
My favourite image is in the baby portraits. It is the one that you took from behind the baby's head towards the feet where the baby's eyes are on the bottom of the frame. Gorgeous! Love the angle this was shot at! It gave me shivers. Beautiful. Nice work on the site Andrea.

Oh and I "liked" you on FB :)

Hi Andrea
Love love your work. My favorite image is one you took of my friends Amanda & Dave at their wedding...at the Matrix with Amanda's beautiful profile and dress, with the fire place in the background! Such talent! I love to see the energy you capture in images!

Huge fan since getting to know your work after you photographed a friend's wedding. Love, love, love the black & white photo of the parents & newborn's feet on the edge of the bed. The contrast is beautiful and I would definitely buy any card that had this photo on it.

you are so amazing! I love your work!! its so hard to pick a favorite photo, but everytime I think of your photography the photo on your blog of Lila in that pink hat comes to mind, she is just so sweet! I love her little feminine features, I love the pink and texture you added to her top photo! I just couldn't stop staring at it! I would LOVE a session with you!!

Andrea I have been a fan of your work for some time. I have your blog in my favourites list and am checking back to it all the time for new amazing photos you have captured. It is extremely hard for me to pick one photo that I love more then the rest, especially because I know a lot of the people you have photographed.
If I had to pick, the picture of the mother, father and new born baby's feet is just one that always makes me smile. It is so simple yet represents so much. Just a fun and gorgeous shot!
I am a "liker" of your facebook page too!

Are you serious!? I couldn't possibly pick ONE favourite! I like them all... along with your facebook page. I always love the ones where people are laughing... such candid beauty. The site looks amazing, nice work!!

I love looking at photography sites, and yours is always one of my absolute favs! Your pics are amazing. Looking at the newly updated ones, I have to say that the one of the little girl lying in the grass, holding the marigold while being tickled is my personal fav - the happiness and carefree life of a child is amazingly captured. I would absolutely love a session with you - I'm not a photographer by any means, but your work truly inspires me to want to pick up my camera and try things out from time to time. Keep it up!

I can't believe I look at your blog almost daily and I hadn't 'liked' your facebook page yet - well now that I've finally done that... I can submit my entry for the contest and tell you about my favourite picture. Amanda & Dave in the 'couples i' album... the green trees and beautiful solar flare make for the most romantic and whimsical engagement photo! I have to say that I work with her and have seen them together - you've truly captured the essence of being in love... which radiates from them when they're together but shows how amazingly talented you are too! Your creativity and artistic eye is truly one of a kind... it was really difficult to pick one fav!

in the family section, i love the third image of a mother and daughter in a 'real' moment. i love how you capture the tiny moments and incredible bonds. i want to win this session so you could freeze a moment in time of me with my little 1 year old girl who is the center of my world. i am addicted to your work and check your blog on a daily basis!

oops, forgot to mention i 'like'd your facebook page as well so count me in on that. too bad there isnt a 'love' button. ;)

wow its so difficult to choose just one but I do love the b&w picture of the little girl in the snow fall. As much as I hate winter, theres something magical and serene about winter pictures. I'm a sucker for them.

*I also like your facebook page - did before I knew there was a contest, but Im glad it will help me out here! =)

OMGoodness, how can I chose only one photograph when they are all so different and magnificent!?! You are so talented! One of my faves is from couples ii, picture 28 where the couple is just past a bridge and the lady is reaching up to kiss her man, while he is leaning down to smooch her back. They are also holding hands and you get such a good sense of their love from their body language. There is color all around and you see the couple as shadows. You captured a moment and it is truly beautiful! I cannot wait to work with you and am a fan of yours on fb. Happy Tuesday!

I love your work so much! I wish that I was going to be in the province during the time frame because we need family pictures!

I can't do it. Please don't make me!!

One of the many that caught my eye and made me smile is the one with the twin girls with their heads on their mom's lap in opposite directions. I'm also a "liker" on FB :)

I LOVE the image of the bride and groom through the old battered window. A frame within a frame. So beautiful!

(I'm a fan on Facebook as well!)

Hey Lady, Lila is growing up so big and her hair is getting so long, how can you not just want to squeeze her 24/7? LOL

My fave and always has been is on your love page, 3rd set, top of the page with the couple at Rundle park. She's blonde and holding onto the tree leaves.
First of all it's my favourite kind of tree, and second, the light in this photo is amazing. Great capture!
That's my fave but there are soooo many others I love too :) including the buddha belly :)

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