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October 22, 2010


I think the illegal part is your talent! Beautiful, Andrea. Absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous!! (and I am soooo jealous of that little girl's eyelashes!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! and i LOVE them! (and you :p) You did an awesome job of capturing how fun and cute they are! And I am also VERY jealous of Isabel's eyelashes! (Think of the money she'll save on mascara!) xoxo

What a beautiful family!!! Awesome job on the photo's Andrea, you really helped capture a very happy and loving family, makes me smile, well done!

Love, love, love these pictures! Great job capturing this fun family!

Beautiful photography. Amazing job of capturing all the love and joy in this beautiful family!

What a beautiful family!

What beautiful pics!! We miss you guys!!

AMAAAAAZING!!!! like just so perfect!!! I am one of your avid blog creepers and am never disappointed with what you post. I especially love when you post photos of people I know, cause I know you have captured who they are to PERFECTION!!!

You rock Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Photos!! Beautiful beautiful family!!!

Incredible pictures! Moments in time you will never forget!

Wow!!! Stunning photo's! Such a beautiful, happy family! xo

Aww what beautiful pictures

Lovely pictures, well done

Really great pics. Good looking family!

Awesome shots!

I wish ALL families had this much fun together!

Very well done great shotsG

Andrea, I don't know if my comment counts, but thank you so much for capturing the beauty of my kids!! It was extremely hard picking just a few of them!! <3

Great pictures and a beautiful family!

Great pictures. No kickin' it old school with the ol' Sears Portrait Studio? lol

These pics are awesome! Great Job.

Wow! The photos are amazing!

Thank you Andrea for the great work. It truly was a fun-tastic experience!

Looks like a fun experience and the photos are fantastic!

Great shots.

Great photos, adorable family.

Wow! There are some original shots here! I love how candid these photos are. You can tell this is a genuinely happy family! Beautiful smiles all around!

Great photos of a lovely family. I especially liked the photos of Rachel and Nuno, very romantic.

These pictures are fantastic! You can definitely tell you had a lot of fun!

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