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October 19, 2010


so in love with that teary ring bearer! o my :)

beautiful post Andrea.

Beautiful!! The ring boy.. stole my heart!

Andrea, your work is incredible. You had a beautiful crew to work with. Can't wait to see the full gallery.

I love them! Thank you Andrea. Can't wait to see the rest.

Beautiful as ever!!! Favorites include the ring bearer, the one with the wheat in the foreground, and the one with the veil in front of Sabrina's face!

Fabulous pics! Love them!

These are incredible! It's like reliving the day!!

Your Pics are Amazing Sabrina you photograph so nice!!! Thanks Again for having us take part in your special day!!

These look AMAZING!

Beautiful pictures and an amazing wedding, glad to have been there.
Oceans of Love

Great images! Sabrina, as always, you are truly beautiful. Looks like a splendid day was had by all, esp. the ring bearer!!

The most beautiful bride ever...

Congratulations Sabrina, Garth and I are very happy for you both!! And you photograph beautifully!

The pictures are beautiful Sabrina.....we are so happy for you guys!!!!!

Wow!Great photos Sabrina! Very creative!

Love the pic of Sabrina with the veil and the one with just Sabrina's eyes peeping over Ryan's shoulder. Well done Andrea!

You did a great job Andrea, thanks for your hard work.

Great photo's!

Hey sis (and Andrea), beautiful pics! I think Sergio and Lisa should take a wall in their house and make a mural of Marco and his lolly.

Just georgous! What a beautiful bride!

Beautiful coupl, beautiful pics, and a great day! If you think the ring bearer is cute, you should see how adorable his father is when he cries.

Great photos, fun wedding, awesome people!

Beautiful pictures, what a fantastic and talented photographer!

All I have to say is Wow! Wonderful photographs!

Absolutely Amazing Photos!!! I love them! xoxoxo

Great photos!!! I love all of them!!!

Wow! amazing pic's . I can see your love. I had a great time.


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