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October 09, 2010


wow these are gorgeous! was this at the art gallery?

We have been waiting with great anticipation for these photos as we had such a truly amazing time on that day and your photos truly capture the wonder that we experienced. We are thrilled with what we have seen so far and can`t wait to see the rest.


My heart sings when I look at these. It was such an amazing day and is the start of something so real and true - I cannot help but smile! These are gorgeous!!!

I look forward to so many more moments (and photographs) that can be captured so artistically and beautifully. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Andrea! Thank-you. XOXO S.

so beautiful...so perfect!

pure gorgeous!

wow andrea these are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Andrea, you did an amazing job.
These are true professional pictures.
Cann't wait to see the rest of them.
Thank you so much.
Such beautiful memories captured for Kevin and Sara.

these are fantastic photos of a fantastic couple. I love the pictures and I love you guys!

These are absolutely gorgeous! It was a magnificent day and you have managed to capture some of the most spectacular moments and some of the more precious ones as well. Excellent work!

Great photographs!You are a great artist,artistically very well done!!
Carolien Struk.

My gosh what a stunning couple! I LOVE how the sun shone in during the ceremony, breathtaking.

awwwww! andrea- they make my heart smile too. amazing images. what a great day!

What artistic pictures of a lovely couple!

These really capture how I remember this day, perfect in every detail, with in the middle Kevin & Sara radiating with love. Well done.

love. love. love. andrea - you never cease to amaze me. can't wait to see the rest! xox,

Such beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures!!! Sara looked beautiful as ever,these pictures are proof:)

I just love the 3 B&W photos taken during the vows! Especially the last one! A fun-loving moment was captured :) my fave!

Wow! Beautiful keepsakes of a truly wonderful day.

So So Beautiful, congratulations!!

great photos andrea! a fantastic backdrop as well. and who is that good looking guy in the 4th row at the ceremony?

Amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

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