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November 01, 2010


Hello, Martha Stewart!! Your decorations look amazing. I love your gallery wall too!

Lila IS the cutest little paper bag princess ever! I love how she had a day and an evening costume!

this is get-out-of-town adorable!!!

WOW! so incredibly cute! all the decorations are amazing, and your paper bag princess is beyond adorable!

Wow, the most stylish halloween! In my next life, I want to come back as your daughter!! Or your house elf. Which ever, I'm easy to please.

Awesome everything Andrea! House looks so fun with all the amazing decorations and cutest paper bag princess ever!

seriously!? i am not sure we can be friends anymore. you are just too darn fabulous! hehe. i kid. love everything. oh and miss lila...you are the most wonderful paper bag princess. isla is loving looking at you and si misses you much. mwah mwah.

Wow. Each and every photo is so good. Not to mention the subject matter is a true reflection of how insanely talented you are, in so many ways. But as soon as I saw the fairy wings and crown hanging on the coat rack I got a huge smile on my face. You are the cutest.


your house looks amazing and Lila is such a doll!

those decorations look way better than my wal-mart ones.
you are so creative!! best costume ever!

okay. officially you're my hero..... this is amazing! i must share it.....

wow, cool home decor ... pity that we do not have such a feast

She is gorgeous Andrea. Great shots.

I love it all! Your little girls outfits are crazy cute and she is adorable! I also love your house! I'd love to see some pics of your house when it's not Halloween because I love your decorating style.


wow! she is definitely the cutest ever!!!

I want to come over to your house and take notes! You have such a fabulously chic and put-together-well home!

You're awesome. She is cute. The end.

You are so incredibly creative! I look at your blog all the time, but I just had to comment today. Your decor is divine, and that princess is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea! Please some decorate my house.. this is the most amazing Halloween decor I have ever seen.. LOVE IT.. and your daughter is by far the cutest paper bag princess EVER.

Seriously....so crazy cute!!!

oh my gosh! Love this! The paper bag princess was my favorite book as a child! :)

Amazing - the decorations, the costume, your shots. Always love your work Andrea - I'm a huge fan!

Love the decorations! Especially the bats! And did you make the paper bag costumes? Amazing!

Oh my goodness! Lila puts my paper bag dress to shame. And your house! WOW! I want to come and live there!!!

love everything about this, andrea. you are just one of those amazing people who everything you touch has that special spark to it......

Seriously Andrea, this is incredible. It looks like a magazine style shoot!! You could put Martha out of business!!

so Andrea, what color paint is that on your walls? It looks black but I can't quite tell, maybe gray? I love it! I have been contemplating black walls to go with our black hardwood floors and your photos just solidified my choice. I'd love to know what color that is before I purchase my paint.... you do an amazing job!

I am starting to think you are super human!

Oohhh she is gorgeous!! What did you make her costume out of? My daughter is going to be the Paper Bag Princess for Hallowe'en this year but I'm not sure what to use to make it . . . I'm not sure a real paper bag will stand up to a 15 month old!

Wow Andrea, beautiful set. Your angles and eye for capturing the moment is spot on. Good work!

i have to know where you got that crown. or did you make it??? either way FABULOUS. but really, i must know:]

are your walls really REALLY painted charcoal grey? this has to be the best decorations post i've seen!

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