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November 23, 2010


SUCH a perfect shoot!

happy birthday LILA!!! gorgeous photos, as always!! xoxo

You have such a beautiful daughter ! You capture everything perfectly! I love it.

eek, I just adore everything about these! Happy bday Lila!

What a beautiful shoot of the most gorgeous little girl ever! Don't tell me you made that necklace - it is just precious! Happy Happy Birthday Lila!

happy birthday beautiful girl!!! enjoy your trip andrea.... (and i second that, did you make that necklace? love it!!!)

beautiful and breathtaking captures....SO SWEET!!! Love her floral bib necklace...did you make it?I have just started making these myself...so adorable!

Oh so beautiful....I wish I had half your talent to capture the milestones in my children's lives!

Lila, you are awesome and beautiful beyond words. Luckily you have a crazy talented mom who is able to capture you in all your amazingness. Andrea, I can't even believe these photos. How you do it, against all the odds, still baffles me.

Miss you so much, but am so glad you're enjoying the sun and swimming and having a blast on your birthday instead of freezing here.

But come back soon, ok? :)

awww omigosh I LOVE these

These are great! She's just the prettiest, sweetest little girl! Happiest of birthday's miss Lila! You are one lucky girl to have such a great mommy & daddy! Enjoy the sun, it's horribly cold here. xo.

Beautiful photos of your sweet Birthday girl, Andrea!! Hope you are enjoying the sand and sun!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl.. love the photos.. hope she enjoys her day

Super cute and a happy birthday to her! My little girl probably would have wrestled each and every balloon to the ground though!lol

if you are EVER in the states or when stevie gets a little older...we are booking you. no doubts. these are WONDERFUL! i'm constantly inspired!

oh sweet miss lila. we are sending big hugs and birthday wishes your way. two whole years! it sures comes quickly.
the images andrea are beautiful! adore everything about them. i want her necklace you crafty lil' mama. enjoy the sun!!

AWESOME! The top left photo kills me in the cuteness department!

She's always gorgeous, and becoming more so as the years pass by! Congrats to mommy and daddy and wishes to the birthday girl! :)

Happy birthday Lila! What a fantastic series of images, looks like a lot of fun.

Happy belated, sweetie! Lovely pics, Andrea, and that necklace...great find!

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