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December 27, 2010


So, so gorgeous! Love this post!!

You always have the most amazing decorations! :)

Love them Andrea! Seriously- come decorate my house!! :)

Gorgeous decorations & of course your sweet girl! Thinking I could use you for an interior decorator as well as photographer.....

I seriously think you could be an interior designer -- party planner -- personal stylish -- etc etc etc .... of course your talent as a photographer is never overlooked. Every post makes me feel like I suck more than the last .... ;) lol .. <3 you!


Beautiful decoration! Your girl is adorable!!

wow. I've never seen anything like it. SO gorgeous!! where do you get Miss Lyla's clothes? They are always so adorable!

You always get my craft juices flowing. Now to knit stockings for future nieces and nephews! Said it before and I'll say it again, you are superwoman!

You are amazing...at everything! Happy New Year!

gush gush. LOVE all your decor. totally inspired for the holidays next year...

Love love love. I have been waiting to see what you would come up with and you amaze me every time!

Once again, your place looks AMAZING and Lyla looks cute as ever!! Happy holidays to you guys!!

Look at that mad air!! Go Lila!!

Hi Andrea - this is amazing! I've been following you (sounds stalkerish) since I found you when I was looking for wedding photographers (you were booked) - your work is inspiring...and the craftiness you exude as well. Your little girl Lila is so adorable!

I absolutely love these photos!

Amazing. And that tree is seriously fantastic!! The ornaments remind me of the ones they have at Anthropologie, but probably a fraction of the price. Nice work, girlie :)

how did you do that wreath? I LOVE it!!!

Your work is beautiful! Please oh please tell me the color of the paint on your walls???

oooo... these are so great I love your flair for decorating.. too bad you live so far away or I would come get lessons

Love it!! I love the charcoal grey on your walls- that's the color I want to do in my new babes nursery!!

Would you be so kind as to share any info on your fabulous light fixture over the kitchen table?


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