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December 13, 2010


Still rememberin' Lila's totally fab party from last year.

You sure can put a party on.

these are amazing!! love the colors!

Wow!! I am speechless!!


SUPER adorable!! LOVE the pin wheels & everything else very sweet :)

wow! amazing! can you throw me my next birthday??? (for real!)

ohmygoodness, Andrea, you are a woman of many skills! Everything looks incredible!! Did you paint that art on the fireplace too? Seriously, nice work girl!!

These pictures are incredible.

You are so crafty Andrea! Looks awesome! And Lila looks absolutely adorable - as always! :)


I LOVE the palette! You are the craftiest girl I know with the absolute cutest daughter ever. WOW!


I want to be you. In a non-creepy way. You are utterly inspiring. xx

Great Photos! And awesome decor for her party...LOVE IT!!!

I'm coming out from the woodwork to say that I seriously admire your style. Between Halloween and this I'm feeling a little frumpy and lazy... haha... Well done, I'm sure Lila will grow up to be one stylish girl!

Wow! Awesome party decor!!!! Love the color, the style and the photos are just beautiful. Always adore your lighting. Happy 2nd Birthday to your little one -s he is too cute!

these are awesome I hope she had a great time.. it sure looks like she did

so stinkin' adorable ! LOVE the colors, the decor, the craftiness, the lanterns (I have a stash myself and they are the best for parties) and love the suspenders on your cute little girl!

One of the most beautifull pictures I´ve ever seen !! and I´m posting about parties and children since long ago.

Let me share it with my readers of Spain and latin America!!

Is gorgeous. I love everything, you have a really good style. This month is my boy's birthday. I'm have some tips from here :D

what a wonderful photos... its just pure art... congratulations... its a pleasure to enjoy this amazing work!!!

Congratulations! Precious photos and happy, elegant decorations… simply perfect. Greetings from Spain (Valencia)

so fantastic! I Love the colors and the decor and your daughters outfit is SOOOO cute!!

this is SO cute! your little girl its darling, LOVE IT! :)

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