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December 31, 2010


Gorgeous,gorgeous job, Andrea! Your work continually inspires me. Congrats on an awesome 2010 and I look forward to hearing about an awesome 2011! <3

one word - LOVE! Happy New Year!

Stunning pictures! It was so great getting to know you Andrea, watching Lila play helped me with how much I was missing my daughter Meadow :-) You captured such raw and true emotions of that day, you got some priceless shots! Great pics!

*slow clap* Incredible from start to finish. What a gorgeous family, their happiness is so well captured!! Makes my heart smile.


Absolutely gorgeous Andrea...

Happy New Year!

Congrats, Jeff and Jessica...you look beautiful on the other side of the camera, Jess...love you dress;)

I'm not sure how you could go any bigger or better in 2012- you're already the best :)

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