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December 10, 2010


Andrea these seriously made me cry. You captured the love between my dear friends and their beauty and energies so well!

Totally awesome. Love those pictures to pieces!

These are beyond amazing!! Wow.

they are so cute and look so happy and "lovey".... awesome!

all three of you are so beyond rad it isn't even funny. These are so fabulous. Love the banjo.

I am so very lucky. Thank you, Andrea. These are so much more than photos.

fab-u-lous. And the banjo shots freaking rock.

Incredible! Thank you for creating such wonderful images of us. I love them so much already and I'm excited to look back on these every anniversary!

Happy anniversary Rob & Lauren. Fantastic photos!!!!

Love every single one! :) You need to come to NC!!! :) Or I need to get to you for pics of me and my hubby!!!

for real? i love you! ha. these are beyond wonderful!

For real I love these! The Banjo pic is hands down my fave though!

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