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January 26, 2011


totally TOTALLY gorgeous...the images and especially mama to be! You look so good Brandi!

yay! i have been waiting for these :) Brandi is so beautiful! and you did such a wonderful job as per usual! you always manage to make sunflair come out of the most magnificent places ;)

love these!

Oh brandi you are stunning my dear. I can't wait to see that lil bundle of joy! Good work as always miss andrea.

I love your work, I love your style and your pictures ;)
I visit very often your blog but it's the first time I let a message ;)
Have a good day !!

Kiss from France...from Paris ;)

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations :)

Such a beautiful post, like every post. Your work is simply beautiful. I found out about you from Davina's blog. I hope you don't mind another blog stalker! All the best!

perfect! I love the little one and her ballet. adorable. Brandi looks stunning!

oh so exciting!!! beautiful images.

ps. I might just might be in Red Deer for spring break. Meet up?

These are so beautiful. Love that gorgeous light! And is it me, or does that little girl look a bit like Dakota Fanning...?

I'm on the verge of tears here... thank you so much for everything. You are amazing!!

I just love these.. what a great Session... I Love the one where the little girl is a blur in the background doing a ballet pose.. while mom and dad are snuggling and the one with the shadow and the trees.. OMG amazing an all time fav.

Love these, Andrea. I love how you capture light!

i told brandi that the image of the shadow of her and tree was burned in my mind all weekend. what a beautiful series of images. she is gorgeous.

Gorgeous! Her little girl is a doll!

you are gorgeous brandi!

always such stunning images, Andrea. The shot of her shadow on the wall is pure genius

amazing. LOVE the shadow one....

Sniff sniff.....these are painfully gorgeous - and Brandi just looks so serene and beautiful. Love each and every one, and CANNOT wait for the wee ones pictures:)

brandi. you are stunning. STUNNING. i am so insanely excited for you to be welcoming your newest babe into the world. cannot wait to see photos. eeeek.

andrea. pfffft. i have no words. unreal.


Absolutely stunning images! And I hope to look that good the day I'm pregnant :)

Aw! So gorgeous!!! Only two weeks to go and she is a radiant super mama! Beautiful moments captured forever. Very lovely!

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