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February 01, 2011


I love your new project of putting more words with your blog! I did read it all and well done, can't wait to read more :) Although I'm sure you don't want to know my favorite colour ;) I am trying my own hand at photography this year to see how it goes, and love checking out your blog for inspiration. You inspire me to know you can truly have a job you love!

Wow.. I love her room!! So beautiful, I wish I were that creative. The pillows - did you make/cover those or buy them like that? Good work! :)

awesome post! can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings :)

Hi! All the way from Peoria, Arizona, USA. I'm a fellow photographer and mom of two girls (Lulu & Delilah). I can't remember how I found your blog but your beautiful photos are what brought me here! As for anything else I'd like to see or read about, well all of the above! :) But definitely a photography q&a and where you buy all Lila's cute clothes!

I've followed your blog for quite a while now - I fell in love with your images and the unique style you have. I'm a newbie photographer near Boise, Idaho, and I'm not sure I can choose a favorite color. It used to be red, but I'm not sure it is anymore. (Is it okay to pick a new favorite color??? I don't know.) Since you're asking, I always get a kick out of seeing your crafty/decorating pics and would love to see more! I'd also love to read some photography q&a - you obviously have amazing talent and skill and I'd love to learn from you.

Happy February!

i was just reading something today that suggested doing this - adding some of YOU into your blogging! it's difficult though, isn't it? i mean... different from the norm. but i LIKE it!! and my goodness, i LOVE lilawashere - brilliant! inspiring, but yet i'll let you keep that one up while i watch in awe :) i wouldn't know where to begin. hehe!

p.s. did you get my FB msg re: decor help for a certain little celebration?


Love it! Love seeing a personal side of you, especially since I admire your photography so much. Looking forward to learning more as the year progresses.
Precious room as well. :-)

Adore your blog Andrea! My little family is so lucky that you are photographing us in July...so super excited! Your little Lila has the most unreal room. Looking forward to learning more about you! I too love being all sorts of crafty and LOVE the little details. Something I think we have in common! Would love to hear where you like to shop!

Andrea! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of that! Thank you for sharing a personal post with us! Now, I'll have something to look forward to each month! Btw, we sold our house yay (if their financing goes through)!!! Time to house shop!

Definitely looking forward to any and all personal posts! I have followed you for like, ever. Man I love a fresh and unique piece of photography .. . so dreamy. And I could tell you were crafty 'cause anything around Lila is adorable!

Well this is a little bit eery! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time today, and read through about a million pages in awe. I'm getting into photography myself and the whole time I was being blown away by your work I was hoping I'd learn a bit more about how you! And voila! This monster of a post! I'm on my way next to check out how you got started. Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to see more from Lila was here.

Encouraged by your post I would like to introduce myself. I love what you do. So much in this heart, love and perfection. Photography fascinated me. I have two daughters and I make them with lots of photos. I admire how they grow. I aspire to what YOU are doing, you are my model for a long time. Bedrooms Lily-wonderful! My name is Paula and I'm Polish, pozdrawiam:)

Oooh Andrea, loved that you shared some bits about you and your awesome fam! And Lila's room is seriously amazing....I mean, come on! Talk about a room that'll grow with her - it's perfection, and so suits your style and her fabulous little personality. Can't wait to see more:)

Hi! I know how you feel about the blog. Sometimes I feel like I´m sending messages in a bottle... and that they don´t arrive...
Anyway, I do like your pictures. They are so charming! And I like your words too :-)
Hugs from Spain!

LOVE that you're going to share a bit about yourself every month! I found you through my high school friend Jana....and am looking forward to meeting you in May!

Hi Andrea! I'm an avid fan who found you through Flickr. I think. It's been a while. Anyways, I completely understand your hesitation to share personal things on your blog because I'm the same way. Loved getting to know you a little better and I'm way excited about your personal project! My husband and I have a daughter named Elliette about a year younger than Lila so we adore seeing how you celebrate her life. And my goodness girl, you've got some mad decorating skills. Our jaws drop everytime a holiday or birthday comes around! Ooo, and I'd LOVE to learn where you shop for Lila's adorable little wardrobe. See you around!

Andrea, I'm so excited about this personal post. I follow *so many* photographer's blogs and feel like I "know" them all better than I know my own wedding photographer! Which is kind of crazy, given the in person hours involved!!!

You (and Rob and Lauren) really inspired me to go out there and try to do something I love. So while I slave away being a lawyer in TO, I also try to squeeze in some photoshoots on weekends and even some second shooting at weddings. It's not the same as jumping off the deep end and starting a new career, but hey, its a little piece of creativity in my life.

Oh, and I stumbled across lilawashere two days ago. I'm in love with it.

Love your work, your creativity and definitely excited for your next journey of the more 'personal' blog posts. Your going to love it - it gets easier with time I promise!

My name is Amanda and my favorite color is sometimes red and sometimes electric blue. I love your new project and sneeking a peek of Lila every single day. It's pretty cool to have watched this whole thing unfold and if I may say you've grown into an amazing artist in all kinds of ways. I have no doubt that the growing is nowhere near complete and I look forward to seeing it all go down :)

Andrea- You are so inspirational to new photographers all over (I am from Columbus, Ohio) and I await your posts with anticipation! I have 3 questions for you that I would LOVE to know the answers to...
1. What is your inspiration? You are ours, who is yours? Both photography and craft & decor wise too!
2. What camera/lens do you shoot with for most of your photos?
3. By goly, where on earth do you shop for Ms. Lila's clothes? Too precious.
Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to more of your posts!!! thanks so much for being great :)

Thank you for sharing more of yourself with us! I only stumbled accross your blog about a week ago but I have been checking back often. I must say your decorating style and craftiness totally had me captured! I love seeing glimpses into your home. You are very inspirational!


What originally brought me to your blog back in 2007 (I think that was the year) was my friend's wedding. I've been blown away by your work since. You are seriously an inspiration to be creative and to love what you do. I feel very privileged to have you shooting my wedding in Sept and the day of our engagement shoot was one of the funnest evenings ever! :) Where do you shop?! Your consistent style kills me. What are your favorite lenses that you use? Have you ever put on a photography workshop or done any teaching around photography?

I love these new blog posts and the new "Lila was here" photoblog!! They are both filled with greatness!

looks like I need to increase the male content around here.

Lila's room looks great - now that you are done, we have some great rooms you can work on at our house!

My favourite colour is green, at the moment.

I have a question - where do you buy your awesome? do you buy awesome in bulk? Or is it an internet purchase? I've been looking to buy some awesome, but can't find it in local stores. Maybe they have it at Bulk Barn.

Andrea! I already love your blog, but more crafting, decorating, and shopping sounds right up my alley! And photography too, of course :)

I've been avoiding pinterest as much as possible too, because trust me, I don't not need another excuse to spend MORE time on the internet. Trying hard not to click on that link, you could be a baaad influence on me, lady ;)

Hi Andrea. I have to say that I have been following you and your blog since my family friends(the Russo's and Murray's) had their engagement and wedding photo's taken by you. I notice that you are getting away from the wedding stuff and going towards family/baby aspect. Are you still covering wedding photography? I am would love to have you as a photographer but the only problem now is I have to get the ring (our 10 year anniversary was in january). ha ha. Anyways, thank you for the blog and the amazing pictures. You are fantastic at what you do!!!

Great stuff! I'm following you on pinterest now - isn't it great? I just found out about it this week myself. I found your blog because you photographed a friend of mine's wedding a while back. I thought your work was great and wanted to follow!

So much fun all wrapped up in one post, Andrea. I am completely with you on the Pinterest addiction......isn't it just the BEST?~! As if I needed another internet addiction as well. And finally, I adore Evan's comment above about where you buy your 'awesome'. That man hit the nail on the head. You truly are awesome and so incredibly inspiring. thanks for sharing

you are so talented with your decorating skills and photography of course! :) Love Lila's room! I want it as mine! :)


I would looove to read more about your crafty projects and maybe even see a house tour of all the things you have made around your house.

Maybe some tips of how to take great shots of our kids? Fashion tips for mommies that don't want to wear lulus every day....

Love Lila's room - it's gorgeous!

I have been following your blog ever since you started Pink Sugar. Love your style, and even though we have never met, you seem like such a fun, sweet and genuinely nice person!

Hi! I don't know how i found your blog about a year ago but i fell in love with your creativity and photos!!! i dabble in and dream about photography. from Minneapolis, MN.

Hi Andrea - i feel like a total blog stalker, but this one-sided relationship (? lack of better word choice) didn't start out this way! You were one of the photographers my husband and I looked at but were booked (we found an equally stellar chicas!) and ever since then, I have been following your work...and now your craftiness! I think your blog is awesome and i love checking out the crafty projects you've done alongside your photos.
PS I'm only slightly jealous you have like a zillion followers on your blog!!! lol.

im a little bit ( ok alot a bit) jealous of Lila. i want her room! its cooler than mine :)

love your blog. you are my favourite photographer. hands down.

love the personal bits too.. :)

Hello Andrea
I am Julie and live in Milwaukee WI. I think I found you first on flickr and found your blog from there. I absolutely love your style of photography!!! You are so talented in everything you do. Thank you for sharing all that you do!!!

Hi Andrea! I love your blog and your photos, you are very talented! I enjoy any of your posts, but a photography q&a would be awesome and maybe some tips on your crafty creations...especially those sweet little pom poms hanging in Lilas room, I adore those! My favorite color would be gray and then yellow. I'm a photographer from Oklahoma. Thanks for sharing your talents!

I have been following you since I found you on Flickr.. I have always loved your work photographically and have followed your blog for ages as well. I love your new Lila was here.. so clever.. so creative and what a great way to document her life through your eyes.. very inspiring. a little about me? hmmm I am a mom to 4 kids, live outside of Buffalo NY in a smallish ruralish community which at first I thought I would hate but now love. I live in a house that is well over 200 years old and wish I had the decorating talent you have.. our house has so much potential I just have no clue what I am doing. besides my family.. my other passion is for photography. I got my first slr when I was like 13 from an aunt who was into photography and have loved it ever since. My husband encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business and I am glad he did. I am a sucky cook but I am ok with that. My favorite color changes regularly right now I would say its browns..

the first time i saw one of your photos was on flickr at least three years ago, i've been stalking ever since then! ;) i'm so excited for lila was here! more chances to see your amazing work and decorating skills!

so wonderful andrea!! i loved reading it all. can't wait for next months!

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