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February 04, 2011


love it!

I am IN LOVE with this room. We recently bought a house and I've been thinking about what I want to do for our two year old girl's room (not to mention the nursery for our soon-to-arrive baby girl). I had assumed I would do a white bed, but now I'm questioning that after seeing how cool the black looks in Lila's room. Darling!

I'm wondering how you made the poof balls... I've made something similar out of tissue paper, but looks like you used fabric?

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

This is amazing!!!!!!!!Do you do interior decorating on the side?? if you do , you have a customer here!

I LOVE IT!!!! (i hate capital letters, but this totally deserved it!!!)... its funny cause i see a lot of similar items we have for our baby girls room, they definitely end up having the nicest room in the house! it really is amazing andrea! a lot of love and detail! perfect!

(p.s. can i steal the grey paint color you used.... i have found a dark i love, but not a light yet... :D)

I love this so much! I was wondering what and/or how the ribbons are attached! Did you make the fabric balls? Love your style!!

Holy what a super freakin cooler than cool room, Batman!!

Omgosh! Her room is amazing! I am always inspired by your photography and now your decorating skills too. You are incredible!

Just completely stunning!

Oh my goodness! I want a little girl just so I can make a room like this! I have 2 boys and have no idea what to do with there rooms!!! Or my own room for that matter. My master bedroom feels like a dorm room, its sad. Anyways how did you hang all the ribbon above her bed? And how did you make the little flower puffs by her closet? and also the little flag hanging thing by the chair? I am in love with that room!! Great job ;)

This is all kinds of adorable!! I seriously love it, Andrea.

I love how you hung things down at her level too, like by that amazing little chair. And her little dress up corner with the mirror? looove! What's the paint colour you used, it's a really great gray!

SO impressed. Lila must love it :)

Her room looks so awesome!!

omg...be STILL my heart, this is SO gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such an intimate space! :) it's beautiful, miss lila is one very blessed little girl. everything is just so spectacular! i would love to know how you decided to go with this color scheme, etc. and what and where you go for inspiration? your ideas are so unreal, and the ribbon on the walls is adorable! i just LOVE the banners too. YOU are blessed with such an amazing gift! Keep celebrating it! :)


Will you come be my personal interior decorator? Please and thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Where did you get the hanger with her name in it? I have got to have one of those for my little miss!!!

absolutely gob smackingly amazing. i love it so so so much! you must be totally smitten with your accomplishment! well done!!

i left this comment on your facebook page - i would love to do this ribbon feature in my nursery i am doing. how are the ribbons all attached at the top?

love your style, love your photography and love your blog. you take the meaning of styled photography to a whole new level. love it!

bec xx

will you adopt me! lol.. Love it!

Gorgeous! You are just all around fabulous! I love it! Especially the framed artwork and the little dress-up corner. Too cute! The colors are so fun yet relaxing.

WOW that is by far the coolest room I think I've ever seen. :) That is amazing!!!! I do have a question though? How did you have the ribbon attached on the wall, and the poms or the balls whatever you wanna call them, how did you do them!? Thanks Thanks!!! :)

i don't know how they packed so much talent in such a small package. your awesomeness to height ratio is surely one of the highest in the world. I am at a disadvantage, having not enough of one and too much of the other.

Would be cool to see a source listing for these decorating posts (ie floating shelves: Ikea Lack, chair: ??)

Being the only male here, do my questions get more attention? affirmative action and all.

Her room is so ridiculously amazing. I love it!

LOVE!!!!! One of the cutest rooms ever!!! The ribbon...brilliant. and those pillows...so cute!!!

Wow. How did you do the hanger??

this is heaven on earth. so so lovely & inspiring.

Basically super amazing!!! Those colors are RAD together. What does Lila think? Also, I'm with Evan - a source listing! :)

Will you be my mom? PLEASE?

Just gorgeous, Andrea!! You have mad skills not only in photography but also decorating. The colors are just so beautiful- love that it has a girly touch without going over the edge.

hehehe cutest room ever!! and that little couch! i just wanna sit on it and sip hot choc out of an espresso cup ;) your super freaking talented on so many levels! miss lila has THE coolest ma! xo.

ummm i want to be lila when i grow up! ( i know...that makes no sense...) super fantastical amazingness!

love love love the colours and the ribbons! how are they hung? coolest idea ever!

This is the most gorgeous little girl's room. I adore it.
I am about to have my third baby, so this is providing me with lots of inspiration!
Thank you x

what a gorgeous room.. when you look at it you can tell alot of thought and love was put into planning and decorating her room. its beautiful

yes, yes, yes! I want to know about the puffy ruffly balls!

Hi! I am redoing my daughters room as well! I was curious where you got the little mirror? and how do you do the flowers? I'd love a step by step on everthing haha jk but love it so great!

Hi Andrea - I think you did an awesome job on your girl's room! how do you make the ribbon ruffle balls (how to, amount of materials, etc.)? I am in the midst of gathering DIY decor ideas for our baby's nursery - would love to make a boy version of what you did!

you have mad decorating skills woman...a book on how to's would be helpful ;-P

I love everything about her room and would love to know where you get all your frames from? I am looking to do a photo wall in my kitchen nook and want to use random shapes, styles, and colored photo frams but am havings a hard time locating some different ones.

wow is all i can say!

Gorgeous room! I especially love the ribbon details. Would love to know how you attached the peices to the wall, and made the pouf balls! Love the Lila hanger too - we have one from etsy and just love it!

LOVE it! My fav is the growth ribbon with bedazzling. Plus her chair, mirror, bed.. and the amazing photo wall!! xo

What a sophisticated and darling room for a little girl. I love what you did with the ribbons. I mean, wow!!

Wow!! Love it Andrea! I love the little mirror. So adorable. Great Job!

I absolutely LOVE this room! How did you finish the top of the ribbon? It's a brilliant way to add color to the room, and I would love to incorporate this in my own house someday, just need to know how you finished the top!! LOVE IT!! (hope you don't mind, I also blogged about this...check out my link)

thank you all so so much for all of the feedback on lila's room!! i've done up a little faq page and you should find all of the answers to your questions here: http://pinksugarphotography.typepad.com/pink_sugar_photography_bl/lilas-room.html

I'm jealous, I don't think we can do this in France! I love it!!!

I believe this room is every little girls dream! what a lucky little one and seriously you did an amazing job. I want this room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are way too talented! the room is over the top gorgeous. what a lucky little girl.

look at you go girl. it is beautiful. just beautiful! can we come over now? :)

Hey Andrea, did anyone send you this link yet... you have to submit this room!

this is absolutely amazing space! its so stunning! great work! XOXOOX

Wow. This is amazing!! Just gorgeous!! I have a question- where did you get the bowl for her books? I love this idea.. and that bowl!

I'm in love with every single aspect of this room. Borderline obsessed. You've done an amazing job. I am definitely going to attempt the ribbon growth chart. Thank you so much for posting this gorgeous space. (Coming over from ohdeedoh)

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