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March 01, 2011


I absolutely can not wait to see Lila in a pink and purple unicorn sweatsuit. HA! xoxo

Great underwater pics! Did you hit up the "lazy" river? That baby has been calling my name! I've been taking a Bollywood class at the new rec center, pretty fancy place!

I love those cuffed flats from Zara, I wonder if they make them in adult sizes too? Adorable. Happy March, Andrea. I'm soo with you and crossing my fingers winter is over soon. ugh.

we did! thats where the bubbles are coming from :) and isnt it great? ive been going to some exercise classes as well and am loving how convenient it is. yay!

That's so funny how you said "shopping" is your number 1 talent. I was thinking as I left the Premium Outlet in Orlando last week that my TRUE PASSION in life is SHOPPING. Ha! Love your personal post!! I'm proposing you do them twice a month :P

Hey, those cheesy cards also entertained me!! I'm not two! I merely have the same sense of humor as a child ;)

Love the valentines, and all the shopping picks. I'll be following the what to wear posts with interest. I feel like my fashion sense is lacking these days since I have not more time to shop now that I am back to work!

Right there with you on the Pinterest shopping thing! Must remember I am ther eto be inspired, NOT to drain my bank account. I adore the shadow photo....it is simply what makes you the best, your keen sense of always seeing the wonder that is all around you. Love that quality!
And on another note...yes, embrace the years when she will wear what you select......I lost mine to a multitude of strange get ups many, many years ago. Perhaps she will be so infused with you innate sense of style that she will surprise you, not with purple unicorn suits, but slightly grey leggings and just one big bright pop of luscious pink somewhere.....you can hope!

Toddler cuffed flats are on my current to-do list this week. Heading to Zara tonight to see if I can find some of those gems. Thanks for the style inspiration. ps. Our 19 month old is always trying to steal pink Dora boots from the pile at the Indoor playground even though she has the cutest suede Zip-ups, and it drives me crazy, haha - apparently It starts early (;


I have heard that this is a great underwater camera. Not too fussy but takes great pictures. I believe I saw it at Costco.

A friend forwarded me your Lila was Here blog, and I have since become a HUGE fan of your work! Truly amazing. I am just starting out as a photographer, and you an Lila are an inspiration. :)

My husband and I do a fair amount of traveling - and anywhere we go that I am not comfortable taking my DSLR, I use this:


I'm normally a Canon girl, but I have been very happy with it. Good luck, and please let us know what you decide on!

andrea.. i just love the way you see the world and all thats around you.. you capture it all so beautifully so artistically.. you are seriously one talented chicka

Loved the pirate themed stuff for the girls and boys. I printed it out and put it in a folder for next year. Did you buy the felt hearts already cut out or did you cut them out? I am also on Pinterest. I would love to follow you...so if you wouldn't mind..let me know your info?

another vote for the canon d10 -- such a great little camera! we took it to our disney cruise and it didn't disappoint us!
gorgeous images as always and me too -- lOVE zara!

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