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March 05, 2011


ahhh!!! i love all of these. lila you are oh so pretty!!!

I'm in eastern Canada, so let me know if you're ever coming to Ottawa!

incredible. love how you document your sweet girl!

if you are anywhere near the east coast {states}....we'd love to book something with you :)

Love the bedhead!

Ha ha! So adorable!

LOVE these!!! She is soooo adorable!

These are wonderful Andrea.. she is such a little love

I'm with Holly, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. We're waiting for you :)

This are so beautiful! Love the light and soft feel to these, makes me want to crawl into my own bed. Keep up the great work! I love checking into your blog all the time to see new inspirational photographs.

Just wondering what your prices are if you come to Vancouver (It would be for myself, my husband and 7 month old. I live in Chilliwack, but I would definitely drive to vancouver to have pictures taken by you.

Lila is just beautiful! Absolutely stunning little girl. I love love her room & only wish my space was that peaceful & organized but yet fun & creative! I look forward to seeing your many pictures - including the ones of your spring/summer holidays!
You sure have many talents Andrea!!

I think I wrote Lily not Lila.... its early!! But yes Lila is an absolute cutie!

great photos, so cute!

I've been meaning to comment for some time, but just wanted to say: I found Lila's daily photo project before I found this blog and I love it so much it is, literally, at the top of my 200-ish blogs in my feed reader. It's the first blog I look at every day. I've been struggling with infertility since 2004 and most of the time, I don't want to look at pictures of other people's kids--somehow, Lila's photos always make me smile. Thank you for that.

I love love love your work. I live in the States...Buffalo, New York..so if you come to the East Coast...or even Toronto..I would be thrilled to have our family portraits done by you. I am of course a Pink Sugar blog junkie. Enjoy your travels!

So sweet and real. She is so cute! I didn't even notice the bruises until I read that..haha

i think your little girl is one of the prettiest little cuties I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot in my day!

Love love your work.

I so love these photos! I linked up to this post on my blog today. Thanks for the great inspiration! http://www.themombot.com/photography/2011/07/08/link-love-photography-ideas-tips-tricks

I could look at your picture all day.
And all night : )

These photos are beautiful. So tender.

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