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April 26, 2011


i just LOVE your storytelling through photos. the power of your ability to document LIFE is so inspiring to me. pure simplistic beauty. very powerful!

Gorgeous work, Andrea.

lovely. I simply adore your posing and post processing. You have such a talent.

Love the pictures!!! So Beautiful

Love the pictures!!!!! I can't wait to see the wedding photos!!!!
Absolutely amazing!

Love all the pics...what a beautiful couple!

Wow you 2 clean up nicely:)

Where were these taken? So cool!
You guys should be in a magazine!

Oh your so pretty you would make such a cute little model and Ryan looks great too!!

LOVE everything you shoot!!! cant wait to get infront of your camera one day!

Some fabulous shots! I like the variety and different settings. I definitely want some copies.

beautiful pictures kids!!as beautiful as your life together .

I'm prejudiced. There is nothing that can make my son look anything but great. The lady with him, is looking mighty fine too. Can't wait to dance and break plates with Ryan and Andriana.

Ryan and Andriana, you otta be in pictures! Hollywood awaits!
John and Marla Fryers

Absolutely gorgous ! Much more imaginative than Will and Kate ! Looking forward to seeing you on your big day. Jayne & Chris Minke

Beautiful photos, seal memories

Love the photos!

Beautiful couple! Best of luck on your upcoming wedding.

Love it!! Beautiful couple and photos.

Very beautiful photos Ryan and Andriana. I can't wait to meet you Andriana and see you again Ryan.
Love Aunt Debbie - Ottawa

You two are adorable! Love Love Love!

Wow, beautiful couple! Can't wait to see the wedding photos!


Absolutely perfect you two! Can't wait for the wedding!

Ryan.... Your such a nerd. Just kidding. You guys look awesome. Wish I could be there at the wedding.

I like the stag pics better haha.
The photographer must be good because he actually made Ryan look good

Never thought I would see the day little Andriana would get married. So happy for you.

And tell your husband to be I will some pics for you if he comes back to work at the studio.

So cute you two! Love them!

Amazing photography! You guys look amazing!

Nice pics Ryan and Andi 8)

I haven't seen Ryan in years and not yet met his beautiful bride. The pictures show such a happy couple. We are looking forward to seeing them both at the wedding.


These are so awesome.. what a beautiful couple

The photographer did such a great job-Wow!
Awesome pics!!!

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