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April 12, 2011


hot dang I love these!

I love love love them all, but especially the color one of the big sister holding him. surreal. stunning. I love everything about them. Oh, how I wish you lived closer so you could photograph my family! If I could afford your plane ticket I'd fly you to Ohio in a second!

I love how natural your newborn photography feels. Beautiful work!

Gorgeous. Beautiful family Brandi : )

Lots and lots of happy tears over here. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the colour one of A&a. Perfection <3 You are amazing and We love you sooo {abnormally!} much!

And I have to mention that I love all of the grey and white!

Sooo sweet and beautiful!

these are so sweet.

Just gorgeous. I love all the grey and white and the one of big sister and new brother is just stunning!

My fave newbie boy session EVER! So many I adore, but Brandi - the one with you looking right at the camera....I couldn't look away! You look incredible, peaceful, and all of you so happy and content. These are amazing:) And Andrea....you freakin' rock lady!

hey andrea! just wanted to tell you about something called "project life". this is in regards to your "lila was here" blog. i tried to post a comment there but for some reason i could not. anyway, you may have already heard about it but just in case you hadn't i wanted to share. not sure what your plan is once the year is over and you develop your pictures but project life is a beautiful way to document each of your daily photos once they are printed. here is the link:
again...GORGEOUS photos...i cannot wait to have kids one day myself to do this!!! love love!

this is my favourite newborn session of yours. love everything about it. and now i want another baby. sigh.

these are amazing love them all.

So adorable Family!!!! Love the photographs!!!

These are just simply amazing. Amazing work.. yet again. I cannot wait for you to do our engagement, wedding, and possibly after baby photos! :)

Amazing! your good at any angle..

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