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April 19, 2011


if i could i would have you do an annual photo session with my family! love them all <3 and for our little fact how is this... as a baby drew's head was in the 100th percentile, mine was 97th, and poor bree was blessed with the big head genes and hers is now in the 90th!!!

oh man i would LOVE to win this!! I am having baby #4 (and the last one) in September. I take pictures but it seems I never get any taken with ME in them with all my family!!! What a giveaway!

With the busyness of life, time passing so quickly and everyone growing up... my family hasn't taken a photo together (other then silly ones at Christmas etc. hehe) in too many years to count.
We are a family dominated by girls, poor Dad, and are all so close. That is one wonderful thing about growing up, parents don't have to be just parents anymore, they can be friends too!

OOh...I have been dreaming of having beautiful family photos taken by Pinksugar and would LOVE to win this contest (so much that I would pack my family up and drive from Toronto to Calgary in a heartbeat to do it!)

We are a quirky family that loves surprise dance parties (Connor's fav is Queen at the moment) and air drumming through dinner (my hubby is a drummer) We also have two crazy dogs that keep us laughing and running all day long.

I don't tend to have much luck with contests, but I have my fingers and toes crossed for this one!

What makes our family special is that we have (so far) two little girls - one that's two years old and a newborn. My husband likes "guy stuff" - football, riding motorcycles, backpacking and hiking - and he includes our girls in these activities as much as he can. These little chicas are in for some adventures during their childhood! ( :

p.s. Thanks for the chance to win a shoot with you! I can't think of a better reason to come visit Canada!!!

We are a family of three. Violet loves her toy "Mr. Grinch" the best even though we have tried to have her tote around other cuter stuffies. He would need to make an appearance for sure.

A little something about us - baby #1 is on the way and we are estatic! My hubby and I met in our folk dance group - dance partners that turned into a love affair (HA!), and we have our one little boy - our puppy, Tito, as you know! We're not fancy people we just live our lives to be happy. Hubby is working very hard at the moment to get his MBA, and he would be so happy if we won our maternity session!

p.s. we actually love sardines!..and we're sure our baby will too! ;)

Something about my family.. Well.. My son, who is 27 months, is obsessed.. I really truly mean obsessed with sports! Any sport.. He will watch bowling, darts, golf, and the usual hockey, basketball and baseball. If it's sports he will watch it.. He's even asked to watch highlights in the morning instead of the usual kids shows. He takes after his dad, that's for sure. I would love to win this contest.. I love your work!

I have a very small family...I can count them on one hand! But the only pictures we have together is at my wedding...besides that we have NOTHING! lol its very hard to believe since we are so small, but its true. I would absolutely love to have beautiful Pink Sugar photos to look back on my mom darlene, sister caitlin, bob, and my nanny. It would be such a fun day and we would LOVE the opportunity. My Nanny is 76 years old and is probably the coolest funniest women ever!
Thanks for the chance to shoot with you!

Erin Daly

enjoying a session with you would be a dream!

daddy catches bad guys.
mama is all things crafty.
big H loves tea parties & duplo.
little H can't get enough of her sweet toes.

We are a family of 4. One Mom, one Dad, one baby daughter and one superhero. Getting him dressed in the morning quite often includes putting on his cape and he's been known to fall asleep wearing it too ;)

Love your work!

Oh Andrea how we would love you to take photos of our new family, we would click so well! Eleanor has a love for pretty DIY headbands and skirts and she loves to play dress up with mom. With a hard pregnancy with some funny complications and an emergency c section she definitely is our little miracle. I plan weddings, and Rowan does autobody on cars.

I would love to win this shoot as a mother's day present because I am moving away and it would be a great present for my mom! Not to mention she would LOVE to scrapbook the pictures haha. My family is quirky but I love them. My mom only eats roast beef and pickles on her sub, my dad loves to play dance central for xbox, my brother loves to wear clothes that don't match, and we all love to have the most random conversations at the dinner table (which sometimes tend to scare away my brothers friends haha). Best of luck to everyone, Andrea is an amazing photographer! And we CAN'T WAIT to have her shoot our wedding this summer! =)

I adore your photography, I'm a photographer myself and have very little pictures that include me with my husband and 9 month old boy Atticus. Plus, we are ridiculously good looking and it would really benefit you to have the pictures:)

I want to win and gift my session to the most amazing family in Edmonton. Mom is a school teacher, who has taken a leave to raise the two most beautiful boys. Her days have gone from teaching in the classroom to teaching in the living room. Dad changed positions at work to be able to spend more time in town, and more time with his beautiful family. They are hard workers, who deserve to have their gorgeous picture perfect family captured by Pinksugar, and displayed on their walls for years to come. I have never met two more deserving candidates :) Thanks!!

Ahhh, my family is so amazing .... So many reasons why but the top of my list is how my fiancee and son rallied around me during these past 2 years as I battled breast cancer. I was so scared as I am only 36 years old, so my life flashed before my eyes in a matter of seconds after hearing the news of being diagnosed.

So for me, my wee family has been there for me each and every day and never asked for anything in return. They supported me during my surgeries, chemotherapies and round of radiation with not one complaint. Another cool thing about our family is in addition to our 6 foot 2, 16 year old son ... We have 2 furbabies (long haired chihuahuas) who are bundles of fur covered fun!!!!

I have been a fan of your work Andrea for so long and have always wanted to have you take photos of my super awesome family :)

Pavel loves anything that has to do with balls. He always has at least two with him. He is loves shooting pucks, smoking golf balls with his clubs and is an expert slam dunker on his basketball hoop! (And yes, he claps and cheers for himself!)

I would love love love to win a session with you. I heart all that you do. What makes my family special . . . . i would forsure have to say my husband. We got married 6 months ago but have been together for almost 10 years. He definitely is one of a kind! I love everything about photo's and would love to capture our little family !!! Us and our dog !! My fingers are crossed!!!

<3 the contest, but geez, tough question ;) our little family is so in love. i am lucky to call them mine. the husband aka mr. handsome & myself have two amazingly wonderful little girls. miss k. just turned 4 & miss r. 18 mos. we sit at our table for meals. together. everyday. we talk. maybe we are not unique. but ordinary...

we would love for you to shoot us!

My husband and I love to spend time outside with our dogs, and in just a few weeks, we are going to welcoming a baby to our family! We can hardly wait to introduce our baby to the activities that we love like hiking, camping, sailing and skiing! I love your photos and I would be thrilled to win a photo shoot with you - especially because it would be just in time to welcome our new addition!

I have 3 crazy kiddos!! Oh, and one crazy husband too!! Love them all and they for sure add a little craziness to my life:)

would love for you to photograph us. Your work is incredible :)

Our little guys, Felix (6) and Matthias (8) are fanatical about soccer! They even play in the winter and our family can be seen daily at the park after work kicking the ball around, teaching them how to pass and act as a team. They are good boys and they are growing up so FAST! Would love to win a family photo shoot just for that reason alone! PS: love your work!

Hi Andrea
I used to work with your dad and am a huge fan of yours. I have 3.5 yr and 14 month old girls whom I take tons of pics of but am never in the pics because dad is not so good behind the camera. I would be over the moon if I won the contest and if you were planning a visit to the Coast! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photography and especially "Lila was Here":-)

We are not a big family, but we sure love pictures! It's just us two, but I have been wanting to surprise my new husband with a GREAT photoshoot (as our wedding one kind of lacked and it was disappointing) We are going to be celebrating our one year, and we are super quirky together. We often try to do our own photo shoots (and fail horribly because tripods can only do so much outside.) but we love to roll around in the grass, run around to the most secret places, and over all have a ton of fun all the time. Plus we love meeting other photographers, we are doing that too! It's always so much fun. We love your photos, they're always fantastic! Can't wait to see more this summer!

Tidbits about our family as of late!! 1) We have the next Canadian Idol (who sings nursery rhymes like they're going out of style) and 2) We have a future Man United Player...daddies DREAM!!! All in all, we are the luckiest family to have the best friends and family!!

I would love, love, love to win :)
As for quirkyness - Logan can put his legs behind his head.

Thank you so much for the contest. This family of 4 would love to win a session with you, you're work is amazing. Some factoids about our family...my husband is originally from Quebec and is teaching all of us girls to learn to speak French. Our daughters have caught on easily and me? Well I'm hopeless so I just stick to what I do best...making cakes!

yah, pretty much i am winning this. lol. our kids share a middle name and look like cousins, need i say more? plus, simon really wants to throw coffee at someone again. bleh. not my finest moment. :) pick me, pick me.

My husband has red hair and I have thick asian broom hair. He has always disliked his hair colour but I think it is beautiful and was the first thing I noticed about him when we met as teenagers over 10 years ago. We are expecting our first child in a couple of weeks. Despite the genetic (un)likelihood, I am secretly hoping our child will have red hair!

My husband Kelly has been polishing his golf clubs daily awaiting the season, has an strange addiction to anyting pickled (eg, eggs, beats, carrots, sausages), and has an extensive watch fetish. I drool when I sleep, and dislike folding laundry. Our two puppies Maggie and Georgia love to use each other's ears as chew toys. As for our unborn child - lord help it!

I have 2 kiddies, a 2 year old girl and a six month old boy. I thought my life was full before children, but didn't quite appreciate how exciting it could be until I had my little ones. They are full of personality and smiles and add a whole new dimension to life!

Thanks for putting on this contest!

for breakfast...my 3 boys (including my dear husband) have a hearty mixture of at least 3 cereals. It's totally annoying...but i love it about them. my youngest (4) is slightly narcaleptic (he will fall asleep anywhere) and we are wondering if he will ever be big enough to fit into a booster seat. he's tiny...but fiesty. my oldest (almost 6) is the kind of kid that could probably keep the house in better order than I can...and not in 10 years...i mean now. they both have a thing for super heroes. dressup is a favorite past time at our house. the nearly 6 year old used to actually where a "clark kent" costume to school most days (fake glasses, costume under white button up shirt, tie, and all). my husband runs an amazing travel company with his cousins & we met in bangkok nearly 8 years ago and fell in love. I am always behind the camera...and rarely in the picture, a HUGE fan of your work(as you already know)...so I/WE would LOVE to win this contest and have some beautiful images of our WHOLE family, by your oh-so-talented self. so please PICK US!! PICK US!!!!!!!!!

ooo this is making me get myself organized! i contacted you a while ago for a giant family session that didn't pan out. now it is time for a session with just my little family unit. we are expecting another baby in the beginning of july, we don't know what we're having but my 28 month old daughter is set on a girl and she has named her Charlotte! not sure what will happen if we get a boy!?! love your work!

I look forward to having you shoot my family when the day comes :)

Aww, what a great little contest, Andrea. I have many treasured family memories from you and I am crazy overdue for a beautiful pink sugar session! My immediate family is teeny tiny, just us two... or can I count my fav Teddy, Hughbert?

Would looove for you to capture our new and upcoming memories!

Hey Andrea! Does a family include a dog? He is pretty much our furchild...and we've had him exactly one year today! Family photos with the dog is next on our to-do list. A session with you would be great!

Our family includes our sweet (BIG!) puppy, Pepper. Quick fact about our little family? We're high school sweethearts and share a lot of love. We'd love for you to capture our family's love. Thanks for the contest!

I need a session because:
a) I do not exist photographically in my sons lives
b) I need motivation to lose the baby weight!

We would LOVE to win a session with you! My family currently consists of myself, my hubby and our 100lb fur baby. Our second pup was born last weekend, and we are anxiously waiting for her to come home. *Fingers crossed* we will also have another family member on the way sometime soon. ;) Off to visit you on facebook!

my baby girls LOVES elephants. we have one that loves bunnies, one loves bears, and one loves puppies. all stuffed so far, so no worries about that. lol ;) i LOVE your work. LOVE it. I will travel with the pack of animals if i have too. LOL xx

we are a family of four. my eldest linnea is three in a couple weeks old and she is one defiant and sweet toddler. right now she loves to mimic everything we say and loves making animal sounds. tobias (toby) was born this past december and is four months old. he loves to drool, squeal and smile at any face he sees. we truly understand how important it is to have our family documented and would love to have you capture us in all our giggles and craziness. :)

Have ALWAYS wanted to do a shoot with you! Being a photographer myself, means little to NO photos of our own family on any walls! LOVE your style!

Our family has two children - a handsome 3 year old little man and a beautiful baby girl who is only a week shy of 1. I never, ever, ever want to forget their beautiful, amazing little personalities and I know a family session with you would help keep those memories strong and fresh :)

Wow, I would soooo love to win this contest! Your photographs are amazing! We are a family of four, Myself and my husband Kelly, and my two daughters Leyton and Logan. Leyton is 4 and her favorite word lately is "ridiculous"...really a four year old! arghh!! My 8 month old is a little chub but lately has not been loving veggies and meat...too much of a gag reflex, therefore now a barfer, fun! Anyway, would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

Our family of 3 plus our fur baby would absolutely love to win this session. I seem to spend way more time behind the camera than in front and I would love to have a photo to cherish. Plus our little girl is turning 1 in May so what better way to mark her first year than with a family portrait.

The way you do your photo shoots keep me in complete awe and always wanting MORE and MORE pictures on your blog. For almost 4 years, its just been myself and my 2 brothers here in Edmonotn. My parents moved back to Portugal and it has been that long since we have all been together. I would love to win so my brothers and I could have an awesome set of pictures to send my parents so they have something to look at while we are here in Canada!

Awesome contest--count me in! My 2-year-old has the single cutest dimple you'll ever photograph (yep, just one, like his mama). We're hoping that baby #2, due in two weeks, will have the same mismatched smile and winning disposition!

hm...facts that you don't know about our family...
Me: I was born here but didn't speak english until I started school.
Matt: Has never gone camping in a tent before.
Finley: LOVES Wall-E at the moment.

Can't wait till our photo session with you! =)

Our little family consists of myself, my rad husband, and our two little Mr's...Madden (2) and Meyer (10months). They are both total crazy, fun, busy, imaginative little people who keep us on our toes. Hopefully one day they will be the best of friends, but for now they tend to enjoy annoying one another and stealing the other's fav toys. I think my family kinda rocks and I can tell yours does too Andrea!! Love your site!

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