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April 01, 2011


love love love love! I hope you have a wonderful April - with more sunshine and flowers!

love your palette's. will you dress us for our next family portraits? i'll hand over my budget and you can work your magic :)

love you!! :)

aaaaw I am smitten with that perfect little family snapshot! Pretty good for a "selfer"!

And I'm with Kelsy on this one-- can I hire you to style my family for our upcoming shoot?? stresssssss! (dressing 4 is not an easy feat haha)

I just love your family photo this month! Here's to an even more exciting April (good exciting, NOT hit-and-run exciting). We're on one year of having to keep the bathroom light on and her door wide open at night, so I don't have much advice for you there other than I feel your pain :/

xox, thank you for everything and for being super awesome.

ps: one of my scarves has all of your palette one colours if you want to use it :)

I love your monthly updates! And what a great family pic.

LOVE your family shot this month!! And I agree about Mom's groups.....I've got a group of wonderful ladies that have been together since our first was born (we just celebrated 6 years this month). Might be coming to you for wardrobe help.....starting to look soon!

awesome march highlights, LOVE your photos and the one with all the kiddo's growing up are just priceless. Your decor for the baby shower is awesome and I just wanted to share this website with you in case you have not seen or heard about them before. I know I always bug and ask you if you are a scrapbooker (lol) but your decor is so inspired by it all that I just find it hard to beleive! Anyway check out this website: http://www.houseof3.com/ it is full of awesome digital and PDF templates, patterned paper, digital brushes etc. that is just so inspiring and very reflective of your decorative style. Just thought I would share!

i love your posts! as always, your pics are perfect in every way. so true about mommies needing mommy friends. loved seeing 'cooper' hanging up... my oldest is a cooper, he'll be six in july and still ends up in my bed halfway though most night. ;)

I agree that March has gone so quickly....and it is still snowing! Love the family portrait.....I need to hold myself to a similar ideal. We have way more pictures of Daddy and H than Mommy and H, or us all together!

Can't wait to see what you choose for outfits for your family portraits. You are always so well dressed!

These are amazing images ( as always )congrats having your daughters room featured on that site.. seriously so cool. and a gorgeous room.. you have so much talent.

There is way too much fun stuff in this post (except for the car acccident - NOT fun. ugh)! And I have no doubt you will find some thing awesome for the 3 of you to wear - I love the colour palettes.

p.s. I saw some GRASS in my front yard this morning!! Spring here we come!

Your photography tells such a beautiful story! So in love with the pictures of the playgroup kiddos! can you tell me the paint color in the picture of the playgroup kiddos eating suckers? Im in love with it!


Can you tell us the shades of grey you ended up choosing for all of the rooms in your house? LOVE them. I'm trying to chose grey shade paint colours and I'm having a heck of a time with all the choices... I'm starting to go a little batty!

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