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May 04, 2011


Happy Birthday Andrea! Enjoy your cake....and may this year be even more beautiful than the last :)


The fourth is so with me. eeeeee!!!! I am so flippin' excited! Mike and I cannot wait to work with you again, Andrea. Thank you so, so much.

p.s. great family photo. I love the closeups of Lila operating the camera. And is that tank from j.crew? I think I just ordered the same one!

Happy Birthday to you! Today is a great day :)

Happy Birthday Andrea! What a lovely day to have a birthday! :)

Quick question: What does Lila think of the camera? You said she's usually pretty disinterested, but does she ever get mad at you, and be like, WTF Mom?! LOL

Happy Birthday!!!! ( :

Congrats to the winner - what a lucky day for her!

And lovely, sweet tripod photos. I may have to try that with my own little family.

You are such a beautiful family. Happy birthday Andrea!

Hahahahaha those last photos are the best.

Happy Birthday ;)
I wish it would have gone to someone who hasn't had a photoshoot with you yet...but congrats to the lucky winner!!

You're family picture is so so so cute! I'm excited to see what interesting photos you come up with over the month.

you are such a great mom.. and love your family photos..

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