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June 24, 2011


Gorgeous, gorgeous session!

I've been waiting for these! Awesome as per usual! Kat (and your family) looks gorgeous!

Finally our very own Pink Sugar Shoot!! Andrea you are so crazy talented. Thank you so much for these awesome pics of our little happy family- we love them so so much!!

Ahhhh I love these! My brother and his family look absolutely amazing - and Andrea, your work is seriously unreal. I love love love all your pictures, thats probably why I stalk your blog :)

Absolutely gorgeous, love these guys!!!

Kat and Dip, you have such a beautiful family! Love the pics!

CUUUUUUTTE! Your family is beautiful Kat!

These are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful family! Amazing work as always, Andrea! P.S. I want to steal Aaliyah's necklace...but stealing from a kid is bad karma I hear. :)

WOW such beautiful pictures to capture a gorgeous family!

The pictures are awesome! Andrea, you did an amazing job of capturing the spectacular vibe of them as a family.

Awesome job... love the pics. Thanks Andrea. My kids continue to look nothing like me. :)

Love it!

Love the shots! Love the subjects and love the photographer...this is a lot of love!! xoxo

What an adorable family!!!! :) love these Andrea!

so beautiful!!! Each and every single one of you should have an agent and start your own acting business! xo

Absolutely stunning. What a great session!

Amazing!!! You did an awesome job Andrea capturing this beautiful loving family!! cherie xo

Beautiful photos, as always, Andrea! Kat - you did an amazing job getting 2 kids (plus husband) to cooperate! Love all the smiles! These photos make me happy!

Great pics! you guys look amazing!

Love the pics, the kids are so cute!

This is an incredible photographer - how'd she get Kai to smile like that ;) !!! Everyone looks fantastic!

WOW! Gorgeous family, beautiful pics!

Wow beautiful pics you guys, such a georgeous family

Great pictures!

Awesome pictures! You guys look great!

Wow! What a gorgeous family! Kat & G your family pics turned out great! I love the last one of all the smiles... :)

what a gorgeous family. u guys make beautiful babies.

Beautiful photos, guys!

Such beautiful pics!! Gorgeous family :)

Gorgeous! Glad to see that everyone is doing so well :-)

i love.

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