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June 22, 2011


Best post ever! Gotta love when donkey makes an appearance too!

oh wow! i love it all! amazing andrea <3

Ohh my word. Incredible Andrea!

My heart is smiling but my eyes are filled with tears. She is so precious. I can't wait to see you.

I swear she's the most fashionable little girl I've ever seen! Adorable! Great pictures as well!!

Look at that HAIR!! She's a rockstar. ( :

You never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous work!

omigosh how adorable and beautiful light!:)

So golden...so beautiful!

I am totally a stalker of you... uh, I mean your website!!
2 questions - what lens did you use in these photos?
and where do all her clothes come from - oh. my. gahhhh!!!
(more specifically, where do you find little girl scarves? or do you make them for her?)
Love these... simply amazing!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!!

these are so fabulous!!! Love the one of her looking down and picking a dandilion :)

so pretty :)

the wedding slide show in 25 years is going to be so lopsided. I really pity the guy.

These are so beautiful! No wonder you couldn't wait to post them!

You are beyond amazing. Your child is so beautiful!!!

these are absolutely gorgeous!!

I love these pictures. The light was amazing and how cute is that wagon??

It has been such a joy to watch your beautiful little girl grow up. I can't believe I have been following your blog since before she was even born! Yours was actually one of the first I started reading soon after I started my business. Thank you for sharing your images, its always a pleasure to see your newest stuff, you do beautiful work!

Stunning set of photos..the donkey is obviously very loved and it shows

I must know where did you get that little wagon! I need to get one for my boys!! Please please let me know!!!!
Thanks! Great shots ;)

My goodness!!! She is just the cutesy girl!!!! Love this light and the one of her feet just melts me! So cute!!!!

How did you get her hair crimped? A crimping iron. As always...love love love your stuff. You are an amazing inspiration.

you bet! just an old school crimper from when i was a kid :)

Juste one thing: I am to fall in love with your pictures, your style.
It is magic. Your pictures transport me.
I am french and I get married in July. That is not possible but I would have to dream to have you for my wedding...
Ps: your daughter is wooonderful!!


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