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June 03, 2011


Lila is growing up - so cute and sweet

Thanks for making me tear up like a baby Andrea! I love this post!

What? Your little girl is only 2 and a half? That's crazy! She seems so much older than my 27 month old.

Sounds like the perfect month! I still remember your wedding pictures (hope that's not creepy!) I loved your pink ribbon in your corset!) Happy Birthday & Anniversary, and half birthday to Lila! It's Hunter's half-birthday tomorrow and we are totally celebrating. Poor kid was sick on his birthday in December and never even got to eat a cupcake.....so we need to make up for that!

I am so enjoying your personal posts.....Happy June!

you rock the casbah better than The Clash ever could.

I always love your personal posts. You've got such a sweetie - so beautiful. My little Ella is only a couple months younger than Lila (but with much, much less hair than Lila).

Hope you and your family have a wonderful June!

love your monthly updates... all these images are awesome.. I am glad you always make time to include yourself somehow in all your beautiful images.

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